Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My LSS for the week

I'd love to hear these 3 songs played on the radio back-to-back-to-back!

Black Eyed Peas - I Gotta Feeling

Lady Gaga - Paparazzi

(I really thought she is singing" rebel proxy" haha)

and finally!

Wonder Girls - Nobody

and sing: nobody nobody but you! clap! clap! clap!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Thursday, July 23, 2009

my first lomography camera

For the past couple of weeks, and ever since my friend mentioned it, I have been researching on lomography and thinking of making it my next camera and what I have learned so far has enticed me to finally buy a Holga Starter Kit!

What elated me more about it is that it comes in my fave color - GREEN!
and I can manipulate the flash! expectme to make lotsa green shots!

To learn more about lomography go to: www.lomography.com

Monday, July 20, 2009

Psychos Balay Indang Adventure: Photo albums

These are just links to the photo albums I compiled of our weekend
spent at Balay Indang, Indang Cavite last July 11-12, 2009.

Click on the photos to go to the photo albums:

Scene Shots

Food Shots

Group Shots: Day 1

Solo Shots

Photos from my cam

Photos from Misty's Cam

Photos from Joyce' Cam

Group Shots: Day 2

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Tuesday Club: Northern peeps come to the South

Chi & Joyce all the way from the North

Ron, Misty & Gutz from the South

After "careful" planning
we ended up having another not-so-get-together
at Alabang Town Center
After watching Harry Potter 6 with Misty and Gutz,
had coffee with Ron and Northern peeps
Chi and Jojoyce...

and a few drinks to cap off the night at Gilligan's

Guess who finished all the beer

Next adventure: Bowling!

When: July 18, 2009
Where: Starbucks & Gilligan's Island @ Alabang Town Center
Who: Misty, Gutz, Ron, Chi & Jojoyce & moi

to view the rest of the photos click here

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dugtong Buhay now on its 5th run!!!

Elizabeth Seton School
holds another bloodletting event

now on its 5th run
and will be held annually!

MAIN CAMPUS: July 31 & August 1
SOUTH CAMPUS: July 24 & 25

Spread the word!

Monday, July 13, 2009

things i learned during my Balay Indang Weekend

I always knew that you can learn new things everyday...my friends and I may not be experts but hey you can expect them to spout words of wisdom or surprise you with their quotable quotes and hilarious antics...

Here are just a few of the things I learned during my Balay Indang Weekend with my college barkada...

Chi Energy

On our way back, I asked Chi to formally name this malady or sickness or contagious virus hopping amongst us during our stay...Be careful about this energy coz it causes one to be super hyper that they spontaneously blurt out words making the people around him/her laugh out loud over his/her joke...unfortunately he/she wasn't kidding in the first place

Ex. Hogswert? Botterbeer? Uy! Barefoot path pwede mag tsinelas diyan!

Another thing I learned but I knew a long time ago, is that we can never do a serious portrait...as evidenced by the photos below...you can never catch all of us making serious poses...there is always one person smiling or showing teeth...come on now! how can we star in our own telenovela for crying out loud!?

If I have been complaining about my added weight... I believe I'd have to shut up now and just sing along...."magLesofat"!

I learned a new conkoktion! (and yes I intentionally misspelled that!) and I soooo missed drinking with my Psychos buddies...but let's go back to the latest conkoktion - CO-MI-DY which stands for... coffee, milk and
brandy (emperador to be more exact)...
Huwow! It was ok...I never did really liked rhum or brandy or whatever..but hey...I'd take coffee in any way haha

Another conkoktion i loved that night was....my Sprite spiked with The Bar (mga hindot! haha) and The Bar mixed with Dalandan soda and Extra Joss...huwow!

and I wasn't drunk that night mind you! just tipsy haha

We are all fans of Fashionable Shobe

Who is this you might ask...let m
e introduce you to Mommy Za's 3-year old Zyanne...

She came all dressed in this cute pink dress and all us girls - I think even Aids haha - were admiring her outfit...make that coveting her outfit! haha...

and her fashion show did not end there...

she came for dinner in a yellow dress and matching yellow hat...
the next day she was dressed up as a train driver - which she gamely told me she was wearing - and to cap it all off...she went home in a checkered blue dress with purple shoes and purple flower in her hair

Goodness! I hope I'd get to see our little fashionable shobe soon!


I never knew that I can unleash addicts with the help of my game Mystery Case Files

Goodness! It isn't my fault these two had to finish all levels of the game and stay up late/early morning even after we had our drinking sessions...they really stayed up to finish the game...

Now this deserves an enthusiastic "Good Job!"

How do you shut up someone? Keep them preoccupied and give him/her a camera to play around with

Aside from Aids and me taking pictures of everyone...

Chi thought of using Aids' cam that first night and whoa! the sound of silence! haha...
she was too preoccupied taking pictures left and right and asking us to pose this way and that haha...She took pictures of the tripod, the stairs, the room slippers, even the hand doorknob...
Man! was she having fun! and I haven't even uploaded the last day photos she made...hahaha so expect more from this trigger happy Chi

And one last thing that I know...
is that one should really take some time off
to relax and enjoy life...

either alone

or in the company of friends


to see more of the photos above click here

to see the other gif images click here

Sunday, July 12, 2009

now I really know how to make gif images

Enjoyed myself immensely last weekend!
Spent some "relaxing albeit noisy" quality time with my college barkada...
roll call: Misty, Val, Gutz, Chi, Za and her daughter Zyanne (whom we fondly call Shobe)
and Aids (the lone rose among the thorns haha)

And with lotsa pictures taken during that weekend...
we had fun posing for the 5shots 10shots
setting of Joyce and Aids' cameras...

and of course what else did I do with these photos? I made gif images! And may I just say... I AM TOTALLY GETTING THE HANG OF IT! WOHOO!

Aids had to count for his shots


We had to run around just to change poses

in the room too

Chi? Buddha bless you?!


Gutz and her cute poses


See who changed poses the least in this one


to view the rest of the gif images go to this link:

psychos gif

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

it's all in the name

See how Pinoy sounding these names are...

I have never met someone...with the name "Diwata" before...
and she can sing too!...that's Gayle, vocalist of
- and I have never watched a band a more Filipino-sounding name as - Layag!
and to hear them sing Pinoy...Tagalog songs...wow!
and they call their music...world!


this band surely captured my attention...

hope to catch more of their gigs...


speaking of names...
and labels...
the Music industry is the highly-riddled-title-laden-industry I know of...
King of Pop to Prince of R&B...
to the Philippines' Queen of Bossa Nova... SITTI!
and any certified sittizen should know by now what Sitti's name stands for... Do you know?

Catch our princess in her various gigs posted online sittionline.multiply.com

to view photos from Sitti's latest gig @ 19East last June 27 click here


I know the difference when I'm called Ma'am or "cher!" or Miss...
Since I work in a school...in high school in particular...
students address their teachers with Ms or Sir...
but Freshmen, since they're fresh out of GS...
they still (annoyingly) call their teachers...teacher!
or shortcut - "Cher!"... and I always stress...
sorry but I'm not a chair...call me Miss Kit!

and I recognize my former students by the way they refer to me...
when they are in college...and come back to visit me in Seton....
they call me Ma'am now...haha
that's how they call their profs in college...
but I still insist it should be Miss...

but in truth, I allowed them to drop the Miss - since we are all Seton alumni, right...
though they still can't do that and simply call me "Kit" haha

well personally, I can't call my old professors/teachers by their first names
now that we're like barkada...
so I understand my former kids' predicament
still I want them to drop the Miss


incidentally...as much as I go out with my friends...
I know that I'd bump into some of my former kids at the mall or at gigs...
that's one of the reasons why I want them to drop the "miss"
coz I don't want to hear my name called in public haha
it is too obvious what my profession is!

so despite the fact that my friends know what my profession is...
I keep a low profile whenever we go out...

and new friends or acquaintances of mine...are surprised mostly to discover...
that I work in a school...maybe because I look young for my age?!?
haha! i wish!

and to my chagrin... my new found friend and acquaintance...
- who ironically has the same name as my super kulit college barkada -
discovered my profession...and kept on calling me Ma'am! the whole time
we were out having late/morning breakfast after a gig...
it was obvious that he was just fresh out of college...
and been a very well behaved student

oh well...

it's all just a name anyway...


and speaking of names...
why do people...mostly guys...name their cars? haha
I know a girl friend of mine who refers to her new car - Carla!
and I bet you can name a few guy friends who refer to their cars by name too...

but if I were to name my own vehicle...
I'd choose the best sounding name!

something like...


Now try and beat that!