Sunday, July 12, 2009

now I really know how to make gif images

Enjoyed myself immensely last weekend!
Spent some "relaxing albeit noisy" quality time with my college barkada...
roll call: Misty, Val, Gutz, Chi, Za and her daughter Zyanne (whom we fondly call Shobe)
and Aids (the lone rose among the thorns haha)

And with lotsa pictures taken during that weekend...
we had fun posing for the 5shots 10shots
setting of Joyce and Aids' cameras...

and of course what else did I do with these photos? I made gif images! And may I just say... I AM TOTALLY GETTING THE HANG OF IT! WOHOO!

Aids had to count for his shots


We had to run around just to change poses

in the room too

Chi? Buddha bless you?!


Gutz and her cute poses


See who changed poses the least in this one


to view the rest of the gif images go to this link:

psychos gif

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