Sunday, September 27, 2009

We can get through this...Pinoys always do

As I sit and worry about my sister being stranded in her Makati office Saturday...
I stay glued online and saw all the updates as cyberspace became the
hub for Filipinos sending out help and reaching others who badly need rescue and relief
amidst the onslaught of the Storm Depression (say what?!) Ondoy last September 26, 2009
- a memorable date in the history of Metro Manila for sure!

Ondoy battered Manila around Friday night and the whole day of Saturday, bringing in
a month's worth of rainfall in Metro Manila and most provinces in Luzon...
You know the updates and listened to the radio and watched the news so I need not reiterate this...

Check out GMA7news

I have never been more thankful for having unlimited broadband access -
and electricity! - we live in a village in Las PiƱas that doesn't get flooded thank God! -
and remained connected with the rest of the worried Pinoys online.
Thanks to the social networking sites for keeping all Pinoys here and abroad connected -
Twitter, Facebook, Plurk!

Emergency hotlines, updates, how to help and even a Situation Map of locations of stranded victims were posted online. And an irate stranded employee even went as far as creating a Tumblr site for Ondoy where he consolidated all updates, photos and links and his rants! while yup! staying overnight in his office.

to go to the site click on the photo

Check out this link to read more on how cyberspace sent out SOS

And as Ondoy finally leaves the Philippines...
We spend another day and night praying for the people stranded in Marikina, Pasig and Cainta - the worst hit by the floods - to finally be rescued by the National Disaster Coordinating Council....
Mobilizing people and Good Samaritans who have started gathering donations and relief goods in different drop-off points in Metro Manila.
Both big local TV networks -ABS-CBN and GMA7 have been televising their telethons the whole day and viewers have been sending and pledging donations.
Once again online sites have been spreading the word on how to help...
And how texters can donate to Red Cross as well.

We can do this...
Heard of the Bayanihan spirit?
Of course we're Pinoys!
We can get through this!

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