Sunday, October 11, 2009

another first...a bridal shower surprise party!

And before you continue reading let me just clarify 2 things:
1. the bridal shower was NOT for me! haha

2. viewer discretion (of photos) is advised!

It's another first for me - first time for me to prepare and attend a bridal shower though it's not the first time for me to prepare a surprise party (incidentally for the same person haha)

master mind mJ

With the collaboration of naughty girls, mJ and Katek, we were able to pull-off a surprise pre-marital shower party for Joy!

Almost a month's preparation and rescheduling (thanks to Ondoy and Pepeng) and an almost-spoiled-surprise came to a climax last October 10, 2009 at The Heirloom Manila's basement (take note the venue had artifacts that made a few of the participants queasy for having a bridal shower in that place to say the least haha).

Thanks to the great acting of Joy's fiancee Joseph and maybe more thanks to Joy's deliriousness and out-of-focus stressed-out-self that we were able to surprise her that night... we had naughty gifts, naughtier games and had a riot with the couples' answer in the "nearly newlywed game",
we had the usual booze and pica-pica food and cute hotdog in peacock toothpicks! aside from the unmentionable edible stuff on hand haha!

and what made the night more fun and memorable for Joy was when we surprised her by bringing out..

the special macho dancer - JOMAR!

TADAAAA! It's a it's a boy in a girl?!

Congrats to the soon-to-be-married
Joy and Joseph!

here's wishing you guys GOOD LUCK!

Threesome, Inc. - mJ, Joy & me
(with ghost partner Katek)

wonder what's the next project for Threesome, Inc...*wink*

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