Monday, October 19, 2009

a recent day off enjoying spring awakening

I would like to thank lady luck since I was scrambling for tickets for the last shows of Spring Awakening last weekend and was still able to get tickets for the show! Whew!
And to think I was contacting the ticket seller only last Friday! asking for tickets for the Sunday 3pm show! Goodness! I was just waiting word from my barkada when they're free to go and watch the play...Unfortunately some made earlier plans already and can't make a last minute reschedule and head off to Makati... so I ended up spending my day off with mJ (that's how I'd want to call my Sundays - a day off haha)

When we finally met up after a confusing text exchange - I texted G5 and meant glorietta 5 while mJ thought I was referring to Greenbelt 5! - rode a taxi and traveled the not-so-congested-Ayala on to RCBC Tower... We were dragging our feet and looking for some shop to buy something for Sitti but ended up with nothing and thought what the heck our presence would be enough! wouldn't it?! wahahaha

At the theater lobby after claiming the tickets, I kept on telling myself that I hope I'd understand the musical - I know the musical is in English - I know the story - well not really! maybe just the basic plot and all that - so at least that can help me along haha but what would make it more of a challenge for me is listening to the songs! You know me I fail at such things...

And after watching it...
Yup! It was good! I loved how Duncan Sheik created his songs - fusing the modern with the conservative - listening to modern lyrics and music (totally f*cked!) with the traditional behavior, naivete, and misconceptions! (come on is that how you get a baby?!)

Forgive me though as usual I didn't get all the characters' least I knew who the leads were and despite actors having multiple characters I was still able to follow along - I'm not that dense! haha

with mJ, Sitti, Kelly Lati, Yanah Laurel

And the songs! Nice! Really nice!... And dont' even ask for the titles... Haha
After the show, when we caught up with Sitti and congratulated her for a job well done!
Had to ask her about the songs and I had to give some lyrics to guess the songs...
But all I got were:
I'm gonna bruise you...
I believe...
It's a bitch of a living...

We all got our junk and my junk is you...
Sitti was more than glad to help us figure it out!

Sitti's character Martha's duet with Ilsa

with Sitti, Nicco Manalo and mJ

Unfortunately for us we were on a tight budget and it was the (2nd to the last) show so we can't watch the play again... unless they do a re-run! Wohoo!

Enjoyed myself immensely! (and that does not include my double dessert of DQ Blizzard and Starbucks frap afterwards haha)

Kudos to the cast and crew of Spring Awakening!

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