Sunday, March 21, 2010

from book to gyro to when in rome

if there is such a thing as window shopping...what I experienced last Saturday was
book shopping...and i mean bookstore hopping!

I met up with mJ and EJ to treat them out to a DQ Blizzard which I owe them for the longest time...unfortunately we ended up doing something else...

both voracious readers, ej and mJ kept swapping book recommendations as we trouped from Powerbooks in the 6th level of Shang Plaza (goodness!) and went down to National Bookstore of the same mall... still not satisfied with her purchase, we had to cross over to Edsa Shangri-la hotel to its Fullybooked branch...but still ended up buying our books back in National Bookstore! haha

thanks to these 2, I learned about other books which I could consider for my next readings...

One Day by David Nicholls, about an autistic child
by Mary Ann Shaffer - this is what mJ ended up buying by the way... world war II setting

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Jane Austen and Seth Grahame Smith - there's a movie coming out which will star Natalie Portman that's why I heard of this novel...

and even Pinoy books
Para kay B by Ricky Lee - which turned out to be mJ's surprise bday gift to EJ
and a romance from a guy's point of view Vince's Life by Vince O. Teves...

and many others... and I ended up buying Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert which also has a movie coming out this August starring Julia Roberts
I still have a lot of ebooks at home which I'm not even halfway through yet and just added to that Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins - which EJ lent me and mJ borrowed his The Hunger Games...and now Eat Pray Love...

I have the whole summer to squeeze in all my readings and I have nothing else to do anyway? haha


I am no foodie... and since I don't have the means to travel and I'm usually lazy and my cravings for food is limited to the usual fare of a carnivore anyway ... I don't experiment much on food... so I usually am game whenever my friends string me along to try something least to me that is...

so after our bookstore hopping... we ended up having dinner at CYMA a Greek-inspired restaurant... since both mJ and EJ have been to this resto and recommended this so why not? and since I'm not familiar with the resto or with Greek food - it was a good thing the menu wasn't in Greek kidding! and I just had to order something familiar or maybe not - Lamb Gyro what?! sounds alien for sure! ok they said it was like the Middle Eastern ok let's try that then...and mJ just had to take photos of all our food...

they had to order salad and offered it to me, which I refused of course
though I ate the nuts haha

they ordered the Chicken Gyro (Cyma's Best!) while mine was lamb
a little messy to eat with your hands but delicious nonetheless

and we still had room for dessert though
it seems like something unpalatable...but still it was good

it was melting already! haha

So let me just bring out my two-thumbs for this resto

to know more about CYMA click here


days before my getogether with these 2 bookworms, they were suggesting that we watch a movie - Miss you Like Crazy - GAH! I hardly watch any Pinoy movies - my bad! but GAH! I really had to brace myself and go along since both mJ and EJ wants to watch it
GOOD THING! it was no longer showing in the Shang Plaza! wohoo! and since we had too much to eat and had to postpone our DQB to another date we ended up watching - NOT "How to train a Dragon in 3D - that was EJ's earlier suggestion -

huh! seems corny! though this is the first time I'd get to see Josh Duhamel outside Transformers and Kristen Bell, whom I've been hearing much about and just discovered that she is the voice behind Gossip Girl?! - so let's give it a try, right...

and well it was CUTE! that's the only way I can describe this romantic comedy...
something you can watch to kill time haha


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