Sunday, March 14, 2010

I don't like caramel but THIS is the exception!

Thanks to Joy for dragging me to McKinley Hill in The Fort ,Taguig during her birthday 2 weeks ago - only she can make me do another Makati adventure and on a weekday night I might add! haha -- I was introduced to this restaurant, The Little Asia. Since I'm not paying for the dinner anyway and was just there to enjoy the company I didn't get to learn what were the names of all the food being placed in front of us

I just saw the usual random fare of rice, chicken, fish fillet and roasted chicken and fried squid and dessert of pudding and crepe like thingy
with ice cream

this one is the squid

and that one is the fish

Caramel Banana Tower
(gosh! so it's not crepe haha)

but there is one that really caught my eye - I mean my taste buds! -
and the rest of us agree - it was so good Joy had to order for seconds

Velvet Prawns with Caramelized Nuts
(even the name sounds delicious)

Having grabbed photos from both mJ and JP the paparazzi - I finally got a souvenir of this delicious fare and I really had to ask Joy about it...
and since I was so impatient I just had to research online!
I finally discovered that its name is
Velvet Prawns with Caramelized Nuts!
(so delicious huh)

and then I had to do a double take!

Ok fine I don't like caramel to the point of hating it!
but gosh! let me just say

I'd have to go back to that resto the soonest! haha


since my blogpost had the word "exception" in the title...
it's but fitting that I jump from there

to this!

the latest song that I like is
"The Only Exception" by PARAMORE!
and then you might ask...So what?!

well they just had a concert here in Manila last week
which we were able to watch
thanks to Joy and Little Asia!!!
(free tickets for a minimum dine-in purchase)

It was Joy's birthday but she was not the only one
who got a surprise gift that day! haha

Now I can really say that Joy is really SWEET!!!!!

to view more of the photos above just click here

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