Sunday, March 21, 2010

if i have the time, i can be dragged anywhere

I remember one of my friends labeled me as "kaladkarin" because despite me having to commute I still make the effort and go meet up with friends, have dinner dates, spend time watching gigs from QC to Makati to MOA and even have impromptu trips up to Tagaytay
just to have coffee!

Well I had another one last Friday...Cathy just wanted me to go along with her, while her husband attends this meeting with his colleagues... so why not... and as expected the meeting was at SM! GAH! Oh well I've spent more times in that branch so I guess I'm over my annoyance (I'm quite uncomfortable going to a Starbucks branch in any SM store for some insane reason)

'Twas a good thing at least I had my usual banoffee pie

And as usual, we were the last ones who left that store...and the night was finished, they had to drag me all the way to Nuvali in Sta. Rosa, Laguna to pickup some flyers...
wait! there's more...Yatz had to have his dinner...should be breakfast since it was midnight by that time...all th way back in Jollibee Alabang Town Center (since the other restos were all closed by then and he didn't want to eat in McDo anyway...Chatted for a few more hours and remembered that I have work that morning (it was Saturday by then) and finally brought me home at around 2am?!

Another 3 hours sleep before heading off to work... so what's new?

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