Monday, March 15, 2010

random lomo shots

I just got back the processed photos from my latest batch of expired 120mm films (for my Holga) and 2 rolls of 35mm films (for my Supersampler)

Since those shots have been pending for so long, it was expected that I can't recall the exact dates the photos were taken...

only of the events or the things I were doing at the time...

Like when I was at a roadtrip down Edsa dor an errand in school...I remember we had to deliver relief goods to Edsa that means this was after Ondoy struck...

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honestly I seldom use my lomo cams because I haven't gone to scenic spots or took a vacation anyway...and whenever I use them on people...the results are quite hmmmm unique I guess haha

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so what i do I usually just end up taking shots of other things...inanimate objects can't complain anyway if the shots turn out blurry or out of focus

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but what I usually end up taking shots of the most is my workplace...
my school...

may it be in Seton South

or in Seton Main...

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and for some reason...I still get different results from
every shot of the same place...

that's what makes these experimental lomo shots FUN!

and what's even weirder...the last few shots I did during the Intrams were so full of color - or maybe not much haha...that I can't tell the difference among the teams! haha

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one thing is for sure...I can't see any GREEN in them...makes me do a double take to check whether that is still Seton haha

so I guess I have to load up on films again for my next random lomo shots

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