Sunday, March 28, 2010

Timbaland Shock Value II Concert in Manila

It felt like I was just hanging out in some club/bar and bopping my head to this funky beat all night courtesy of TIMBALAND! Gosh! I believe I can say I'm a fan of him now! haha

Last Saturday, March 27... I trooped to MOA concert grounds...and got ready to stand for hours haha

What amazing stage...what I can see of it from far away in the Bronze section - 2 parking lots away haha - cool background/stage lights!

A sure way for a fundraiser to be a success - turn into a concert highlighted by these fantastic performers!

But one of the reasons I stayed standing all throughout the 5 hours! - (The concert started around 9:45pm after earth hour and ended at 12am!) was because of the bonus of seeing Jojo and Justin Timberlake perform onstage!

Huwow! The body pains were all worth it then haha!


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