Wednesday, April 21, 2010

guess who the girl is

I remember that I usually discover that a few of my past crushes were gay only later on and after someone else tells me so! Just imagine how dumbfounding that is! I think there is something wrong with my "gay-dar" as they say You think?!

That has happened more than once - I did say crushes! Maybe it's their effeminate side that unconsciously attracts me to them or something... I for one do not consider myself that feminine...well not much aside from the anatomical evidences of course haha maybe that's why I like "them" for some weird reason

Since it's obvious I don't have any gay-dar anyway so on the flipside, let's see how good I am
in describing or in detecting signs - of course aside from the obvious physical signs
what makes a girl, more feminine?

Is is the way the person smiles? Demurely perhaps?

Is it the way they flick their hair?

Or how they make beautiful eyes at each other?

Or do you see it in the way they gesture or wave their hands?

So based on the evidences shown above...

So who do you think the girl is?

bato bato sa langit...
ang magalit...

NAH! was just having fun


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