Wednesday, May 5, 2010

i can't think of enough superlatives

Days after, I still can't get over the overwhelming experience of watching TEARS FOR FEARS live in Manila... FINALLY! After 40 years?! Ooops! Lumalabas ang edad! Mali pa ang pagcompute! haha

This is my 3rd concert this year - watched Paramore and Timbaland feat Justin Timberlake last March - and I have not experienced such ENTHUSIASM! If the crowd's cheer could have made the earth shake I wonder what magnitude that night would register! haha It nearly did do that to the Araneta as excited 80s babies (well not everyone are haha) danced and SANG to (almost) every song Curt Smith and Roland Orzabal dished out!

From their opening songs Mad World (operatic version) to my fave Everybody Wants to Rule the World they already had the 16,000 capacity crowd up on their feet! And I think I hardly sat back down as I waited for their other famous hits...Sowing the Seeds of Love...Pale Shelter...and a 2nd round of MAD WORLD - this time they sang their original faster version - and a few of their not so wildly applauded songs as they switched solo songs...but what really surprised me was when Ronald sang this familiar song - it took us minutes to identify that it was Billie Jean! Classic! If only I can grab a hold of his version... and lastly they sang Head Over Heels!

What was amazing was that Roland had to cover his ears and just let the whole crowd sing the last line: time flies! it was that loud! GAH! I wonder if they could even hear themselves sing! haha

Of course they were not done...even if they had to exit the stage... now i felt the venue shake! People were clamoring for more and even stomping their feet! No let out until they came back and sang Woman in Chains (their backup male vocalist did the female part huwow!)... and finally SHOUT! Let it all out indeed!!!

Do you think I need to rate this concert? Ha! I'm biased! and I remember that my throat hurt from all the shouting and my palms hurt too with all the clapping I I guess that's more than proof that I absolutely enjoyed this night! and let me just say this: IT WAS EXTREMELY AMAZING!!!

thanks to AK Ocol for the onstage photos above


Want to see proof of how enthusiastic the crowd was?
Watch this vlog made by my good friend direk mJ


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