Sunday, May 30, 2010

spontaneous trip = birthday celebration

The last time I had what I would call an itch to go out of town and travel was way back 2006, that was when I wanted to spend sembreak out of town - I ended up spending it in Cebu with Zheila (former officemate) -
to relive our adventure in Cebu click here: Cebu adventure with Zheila

But even before that, there have been summers that I spend out of the country with family - been to London, HK and Singapore during one of those many summers long ago - or out of town with friends - officemates for our usual company outing or with my college barkada, the last one being in Balay Indang

Maybe I'm just lucky that my birthday falls on a summer so I would almost always end up having beach outings or out-of-town trips...I remember having to go on trips every year on my birthday without fail haha... I participated in an outreach a few summers back in Batulao with the Sittizens and spent my birthday last year during our first office teambuilding, but still out of town...

I didn't get to go out much during my birthday anymore and not that often really

So how different will this birthday be?

So how did I spend it?

I spent it in the sandy white beach of Boracay!


*more details on my Boracay adventure in later posts*

you may view my lomo shots here:

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