Monday, May 31, 2010

what to do at the beach except swim

To beat the heat during summer, the faithful flock to the nearest beach and either scorch themselves under the sun even more or drench themselves in the ocean...

During my last beach adventure this summer, I was only able to swim during the last night of my trip! So as expected - no tan lines! haha

I filled my days doing other stuff...

Finding and fullfilling my Starbucks caffeine fix

Eating some Mexican food together with a margarita

Tasting Inihaw na Hotdog for the first time! (yah no kidding!)

Learning to drive a bugcar - thank gawd it's automatic!

Facing our fears and riding the ZIPLINE

and going up PARASAILING

and finally

relaxing by the beach with a morning stroll...

taking pictures of people enjoying the wild surf...

and lounging while having a henna tattoo

And after all has been said and DONE!

don't forget to give thanks for the wonderful blessings...

be grateful that you can always find the opportunity

to have a vacation


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