Sunday, June 20, 2010

Balay Indang II: The Ortigas Edition

When I was going through these photos over the weekend, I just realized that these are the same group of people who were with me during our Balay Indang adventure last year -
minus Mommy Gutz who was unable to go of course because of baby Kianne

This was supposed to be Val's despedida - but apparently these guys
want to have another get together in the same area mind you!
GAH! Good luck to us south peeps like me and misty

What I doubly enjoyed that night was discovering new food to munch on!

Mexican food - fajitas and nachos and margaritas galore!

TJ's Tijuana Mexican Grill

and for our midnight snack

we tried the ANGUS! burger & fries and chili & cheese

Charlie's Burger beside this carwash in Shaw Blvd


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