Wednesday, June 30, 2010

TCP Eclipse Blocked Screening


I just had to let that out first!
I don't want to bore you and myself
and go on and rant and rave about the movie...
of course it had its flaws but of course it was well compensated
by all the good scenes and vibrant pacing and equal balance of action and romance
- esp. the Edward-Bella scenes assuaged my sentimental heart enough that I overlooked and accepted the Jacob-Bella kiss as just an expected scene in the movie...
Though the soundtrack and music? if there was any left ALOT to be desired! GAH!

Wait! did I not say that this would not be a review?

My sis with Jane & Alec?!

I am a fan so sue me!
I really liked the movie
It's my fave book in the series &
now it's my FAVE MOVIE IN THE SERIES (so far!)
The next director will have to work extra to live up to this!

Just some of the goodies I brought home after the movie


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