Tuesday, July 20, 2010

random thought # I don't know anymore

I've been planning to post a blog today but I have been putting it off because of course I am at work! LOL
But now let's see how much I can blurt out in 10 minutes!

I for one have never declared myself as an articulate person. I do admire the written word so much that I readily praise someone who can accurately express himself. I thought that creating my online blog can hone my writing skills but it seems that I use common words anyway. If I ever use my new words I do so during conversations. Do you even know whether the people I talk to understand me? Most often they don't since I converse with my students!
And most of my students, know a new word or two every time we meet in class. One other thing, I miss having a good conversation with my students. I miss my former students who can fluently talk with me in English. Regardless of whether I talk to them in English they usually answer back in Filipino. GAH!
Irritating for sure but who am I to complain? I'm no English teacher anyway so what does it matter anyway.

Aha! Still have time to spare but my brain fart has ended!
I don't want to go through this post again since it seems incoherent anyway!

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