Saturday, September 18, 2010

Spur of the moment adventure to a book fair

I was really planning to go to this year's Manila International Book Fair @ the SMX, Mall of Asia
over the weekend with my sis and cousin - but instead I headed off to the book fair right after work Friday, after I discovered that my officemates were heading there too with their family! Hitch a free ride too why not?! haha Had to take advantage of the group pass we got from our school library anyway so we went...

We had few hours till closing time and were able to buy a few books...
but personally I only had one book in mind - the paperback version of One Day by David Nicholls... And after quickly running down a few aisles, I went back to the National Bookstore and spent most of my time there... I can't find the book and I just had to ask the cashier - bummer! No One Day! Grrrrr! In between fuming over that miss, I bumped into Romaiel of Twilight Coven Philippines and chatted up a bit about The Hunger Games and Mockingjay, I still was eager to buy at least one book from the booth...and so I ended up buying this!

I have his complete books I believe and this one is Mitch Albom's latest

It's so cool and tiny it could really fit inside my bag!

I still had time to spare and saw this booth with a crowd milling around it. Their books and items were being sold at P99! So why not? I might just buy something from there...And I did!

Doesn't seem like me huh? haha

and No! it's not buy one take one either but P99 each!

On to the booth across this one, which also sells books at P99 and some cute colorful journals... My eye was caught by this colorful candy colored book

I don't care that it's for teens!
I just bought this one because it's GREEN!
(Hey that rhymes! haha)

To know more about the author Melody Carlson
and her True Color series
go to my related blogpost here

After meeting up with my officemates and hearing the announcement that the exhibit will be closing already for the night, we headed out and looked for some place else to eat.
We crossed to MOA, which had lots of people - expected of course since it was on a 3-day weekend sale... And I saw that Fullybooked was having a sale of their own too!
I really had to take the chance and look for One Day...

and my search was over!

I don't care even if I bought the more expensive paperback version! haha

Wow! I wonder when I'll get to finish reading all of these new books of mine (incidentally I'm still not done reading Eat, Pray,Love and the movie will be showing soon! Gah!) Oh well! There's no time limit...It's no contest anyway... What's nice about having books on hand is that you can always go back to them whenever the mood strikes you... So yeah I expect to be busy reading these books (it's better than watching TV which I seldom do anyway haha)

Till the next book fair!

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