Saturday, October 9, 2010

10.10.10 - fun run moments

October 10, 2010...10.10.10 - This was supposed to be my wedding date - wait! before you misunderstand, me and my college friends jokingly set our wedding dates a few months back and thought that this wold be a lucky date (I bet based on feng shui or something) - but I digress...

Instead of celebrating a wedding that will never happen on this day - at least for me...
I joined the Run for the Pasig River organized by ABS-CBN Foundation which is an annual fundraising event to generate funds to clean Ilog Pasig...

And wow! The number as of last news update of ABS-CBN news website - 175,000 people participated in the run! and they plan to set a new Guinness Record for the most people in a foot race.

But of course despite that...the real purpose of this fun run is to help rehabilitate Pasig River - such a worthy cause indeed!

to see more of the news article click here

My fun run moments:

1. My alarm woke me up at 3:45 am this morning

2. With my Elmo backpack , it's small enough for my things

3. Thank goodness traffic was light when I got to Baclaran

4. Chatted with this lady going alone to the fun run

5. All (immediate) roads to MOA were closed by around 5:15!

6. With this lady we walked from Roxas Blvd corner Edsa

7. Students were blocking the road as far as Blue Wave!

8. We got to the starting point in the nick of time!

9. I finished the 3k race and clocked in 31 mins

10. Got my finisher's badge and even saw Manny Pacquiao too!

(I wonder if you noticed that there 10 words
in each of my 10 fun run moments! haha)

Too bad I didn't have a digicam with me and was only able to get in some photo opps when I met up with my friend Noel and his buddies after the run - where else but at Starbucks! haha

So this is the only photo I got as a souvenir of the event

I expect to get "tagged" in Facebook once the photos are uploaded! Yey!

(updated October 11, 530pm)
And speaking of tagging photos in Facebook...
here are just a few from Noel's fitness buddy Lara's FB photo album
(thanks for the tag Lara)

I started the race just when they were counting down! gah!

The TIMEX clock said 31 minutes approx when I crossed the finish line

Where else do we unwind but at the nearest Starbucks!

here with Noel - proof that I really participated! haha

Want more proof?
How about this photo with
the one and only
Rio Dela Cruz
(famous in the runners circle)

So there... that's my momentous 10.10.10

What's yours?


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