Monday, October 11, 2010

Complete the sentence: If you were single/married...

This was Monster Radio RX 93.1 Morning Rush TOP 10 today:
the top 10 answers to the statement
"If you(I) were single or married..."

And one single entry that I remembered was this one...
The sender said, If I were single... Wait - I am! (and with a great big lonely sigh)
You should have heard this for you to know what I mean! haha

And then I recalled that there is this latest song I've been hearing on the radio
- which I kinda like coz, I can surely relate!

Waiter by Eevee

Ok fine... to show you that I'm not that too bitter...
here's one of my LSS...
a good cover of a Mariah Carey song by Miguel Escueta

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