Sunday, October 10, 2010

Let's play photo caption: guess that song

In our office, we try to spice up our tedious seminars by coming up with games...
For this year, Sheila and I thought of a simple charades game for our officemates...
What made the game a little more challenging is that the group players had to alternate in acting out the song titles (that's our category for the whole game - from 70s to contemporary songs)
within a span of 2 minutes as I - the designated timer - close this partition till time's up!

Too bad there was no video recording of some of the rounds - maybe you could have had a better picture of how the game went...
It was surely fun! Esp for us game masters! haha

So try guessing the song title:

reminds me of this song by Hagibis or maybe a children's song? haha

superhero? flight attendant?

Guess this superhero....I mean song title! haha

If you can't guess this one! Goodness gracious!

I think he was trying to look for the piece of paper he dropped haha


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(when we finally gotten down to more serious business)

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