Thursday, November 18, 2010

My 52 Week Book Challenge - Week1

Ok let's have the backstory first... I was reading one of these fanfic online and read the author's notations at the bottom of the post and saw her mention that she has this 52 Week Book Challenge wherein she reads 1 book a week... I thought...why the heck not?! I have lots of books at home...I am what you may call a bookworm though my book collection is not that diverse - my books are usually romance fiction, romantic fantasy suspense, lately young adult and whatever friends would recommend - but at least I know stuff about...stuff!

I also already have a LOT of ebooks which is piling up and I would have to get to it...
what better way than to FORCE myself to read each week! haha
So last Tuesday night I started with this one which I have been hearing of lately...

Lauren Kate

Incidentally the author will visit Manila at the end of the month
And I'm at that page where the PHILIPPINES
was mentioned on print again!
no wonder the author is visiting!
just an errant thought!

I know I'm halfway done... and my friend is on to Torment already (the sequel)! She just told me that this is a start of another series! Here we go again! (Remember Twilight?!)
Well since I started now with this fallen angels type of story...I might just read HUSH HUSH next (which I would borrow from the same friend) or a young adult novel like the next Percy Jackson or maybe I can start with the Millenium Trilogy - The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo! Gosh! I wonder if I can read that one in 1 week! Goodness!

Let's see how I can live up to my challenge....
I now have 4 more days to finish FALLEN and just so you know, I'm quite enjoying it!

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