Monday, January 17, 2011

Week 9 - All The Pretty Horses

I finished the Percy Jackson series way before my deadline - the series is OK if you're the type who wants to discover and memorize lots of character names and in this case Greek names and Greek stories like you're reliving your high school days and taking a quiz after reading it - I just stuck to my timetable and am now starting a new book this week...


Remember the pile of books I borrowed from a cousin in the province, which were apparently old books shipped by my dad to them?... Well my next book is one of those books...and after googling it...I of course did not know that there already was a movie made based on it - starring Matt Damon and Penelope' Cruz (I might just find that movie some time). Let's see now how much I would like reading a "western" story...

All The Pretty Horses
Cormac McCarthy

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