Wednesday, February 9, 2011

best tweets over the Azkals' win last night

First off I really am not a fan of soccer/football because I find it to be such a slow game - unlike basketball with all the fastbreaks - but with the fervor and enthusiasm that the Philippines' football team, a.k.a. the Azkals, is now generating, I too am swept away with them - well maybe moreso because of the (Fil-Brit) players than the actual game! so sue me! haha

If I wasn't glued online I wouldn't know that last night was the Azkals' game with Mongolia here in Bacolod... Still in front of the pc I asked my mom to tune in to Studio23 and from then on you might think I watched the game?... well not really I was still glued in front of my pc coz the tweets were much more exciting to watch - we were trending worldwide! Especially when Chieffy Caligdong made the amazing 1st GOAL! Gah! My mom was screaming so I just had to look and was able to catch the replay and how Chieffy was doing his celebratory jig on the field to the uproar of the 18,000? fans in attendance at the Panaad Park Stadium in Bacolod! If that doesn't make you the trending topic worldwide on twitter I don't know what will!

And after that I still kept online and checked my twitter page and these are just some of the funny yet amazing tweets last night which were retweeted for sure...

And at the 2nd half, with a 1-0 score, with the MonGOALIE (another tweet) being harassed by the Azkals in his corner while our goalie Neil Etheridge relaxes in his corner, with just around 14 minutes left on the game...Phil Younghusband scores the winning GOAL!

And THIS tweet says it all!!!

Goodness! GAH! I just had to tweet this too!

Wohoo! So till their next game huh? And I will still be glued to twitter during that time coz I still find it more exciting as Pinoys have fun online and now fervently support the Azkals!

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