Wednesday, February 9, 2011

a rank higher than novice

I admit to being a lazy person who would simply copy-paste or right-click-save-image-as then upload sort of blogger and now just more simply click on reblog (thanks to tumblr)... but whenever I get to tinker with Photoshop and discover new things that a rank novice like me can learn and do - I still have the CS2 version - it makes my idle heart go giddy! haha

So here are just two of the special effects I learned to do in Photoshop recently:

Creating text over photo using clipping mask

You can just imagine what I did next...
I changed my profile pictures
in all of my personal sites of course!

and this one may not be too complicated especially for most photoshop experts out there, but so sue me! if I only just discovered how to make use of the blending options and opacity of layers!

you can check out the layer patterns I used here
you're a photoshop expert if you know what I'm talking about! haha

So now after doodling with that I can safely say
that I am a rank higher than novice!
(pats myself on the back)

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