Monday, February 7, 2011

Week 12 - Life of Pi

Done reading The Graveyard Book over the weekend! Now that is a quick read and a light one and an easy read too! haha Unfortunately for me I read an ebook version so I didn't get to see the illustrations unlike my Coraline book... I might just buy the book when I find it on sale haha


Let's try and differentiate...easy read from light read from quick read...My friend told me that there was a difference... light doesn't necessary mean quick read or a thin book...some thick books might be easy reads because they are page turners and you're done within a you catch my drift? But honestly for me they're all the same anyway...when I say easy read or a light read or a quick read...they may pertain to and the same kind of books...
But maybe after I re-start reading Life of Pi... I may finally be able to learn that this is no easy read for me - it took me this long before I decided to start reading it all over again (this has been a "current read" in my account for months haha)!

Life of Pi
Yann Martel

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