Sunday, March 6, 2011

chronicling my firsts (1st of a series)

When I got my Starbucks Coffee 2011 planner I was excited to have a new one after 2 years since the last time I availed of it... but now with all the journal writing I've been doing online and in a little notebook I have at home and on my iPod's Notes, I'm sort of neglecting this planner of mine haha... Too bad I've already started writing a few entries if not I would have given it as a gift! haha
I'm now a little stumped on what else I could write there aside form the usual reminders of events, meetings and birthdays... I first thought of listing down the movies I would be watching this year - but since I'm not really an avid fan of the movie theater - thanks to torrent and online streaming haha I shot down that idea... So now I ended up doing what my friend suggested...why not write down "my firsts" (or even those things I haven't been to, done or seen in a long while)


eating at

Incidentally while I was looking for photos
I saw this same photo (above)
thru Google haha

watching a gig here

Visayas Ave., QC



trying out

Greenbelt 5, Makati City

But I think I like red kimono better than this one...
forget I said that haha

looking for a new kind of dessert

Greenbelt 5, Makati City

(reminds me of this calamansi cupcake I had in Boracay)

finally! seeing this jazz artist perform LIVE

Philippine International Jazz Fest 2011
featuring Mishka Adams
Greenbelt 3, Makati City

I like her songs: (a cover of) Both Sides Now, Star Eyes and Whisper Not -
all from her latest album Stranger on the Shore

proud of wearing

My first ever Intrams shirt given by my current batch of kids
(as a guidance counselor it's a hit or miss whether our kids
remember to provide us shirts during their Intrams haha)

Can you spot me here?
(100 points for Gryffindor if you do! haha)

for more photos from
the recently concluded Intrams click here


I know this month has only started
but I can't help but rave about this find!
(thanks to my friend mJ Juco)

Tuna Pesto
(formerly Domino's)

I do believe this will be a staple in our office during the summer
- at least for me it would be haha -their branch in Parañaque
delivers as far as Las Piñas! wohoo!

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