Sunday, March 13, 2011

for 40 days, I'm staying away from...

Lenten season started last March 9, Ash Wednesday and as a habit I thought of what else could I abstain from aside from eating meat and fasting...

The day before Ash Wednesday, after discussing with my friend Katek and qualifying and looking for all the loopholes, I've decided to stay away from sweets - cookies, candies, cakes, ice cream, anything chocolate - that means goodbye desserts!

And the 1st test.... our intern gave us polvoron and brownies for us to share! hahaha

The next day... we went to Starbucks at the new store in Glorietta 5 and after a long discussion with the barista... I had and suffered through a GREEN TEA LATTE! I kept the cup sleeve because it was cute and green!

thanks to Sheila for this photo

I was supposed to meet my friends after work on Saturday... and when they confirmed the date... where else were we going to meet? At Cafe Mary Grace! Goodness! It was my first time there in that coffee house and I just had to list down the recommended ensaymada and pastries and tsoknut chocolate that I will try the next time I visit the place - I had carbonara instead...

Also on that same day... I met up with Katek again... and for dinner, we tried out Amici pizza pasta gelato - yup! I had the pizza and the pasta and not the dessert! haha

Goodness! I can do this! I know I can survive the rest of the 34 days! haha

oh and I deactivated my Facebook too if you would care to know

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