Sunday, March 27, 2011

let's play photo caption: food finds

I am not really much of a person who would experiment with food since I am so finicky with the things I eat... I just want to share the little first experiences I've had recently - and yup! it includes recent dessert finds! which I can not indulge in as of the moment because of my abstinence! darn!

One Saturday

I had a late lunch/merienda with my friends...

No I didn't have that
(four squares: lemon squares, brownies and food for the gods)
but will come back for it for sure
I instead had the reliable carbonara at

Cafe Mary Grace

That evening, I had dinner at

AMICI - Pizza pasta gelato

Had the pasta...

Spaghetti White Vongole E Gamberetti

Had the pizza...

Tutta Carne

and my friends had their desserts =)

Tiramisu Twist

Mango Symphony

On a different Sunday

I went out for dinner and dessert with a different group of friends
in Greenbelt, Makati
and experienced dining in yet another
Filipino modern restaurant

Filipino Moderne

Baked Tahong

Baby Squid in Olive Oil

Pato Tim

Crispy Tilapia with Four Sauces

and had dessert that night at
a place predominantly purple in color
I bet to the amusement of the birthday celebrant! haha



Strawberry Chiboust

On a weekday Wednesday night

My officemates brought me along to this little homey, fine dining restaurant
which offers mostly Mediterranean cuisine


Spinach Artichoke Dip

Smoked Fish Dip

Steak Salpicao

Parmesan Crusted Baked Fish

Garlic Chicken

and washing it all down with

Lemon Moringa Juice
which I didn't know was malunggay! haha

check out my multiply site for the rest of these photos

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