Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Week 14 - Eleven Minutes & The Lovely Bones

Since I overlapped and finished 2 books the last time - I was still reading Life of Pi when I started on the The Curious Incident... - and it's been almost a week since I started on a new book so now I'm overcompensating and reading 2 books at the same time! One is an ebook and the other is a paperback I borrowed.


Eleven Minutes
Paulo Coelho


The Lovely Bones
Alice Sebold

I started reading both books last night and it seems like they have certain things in common - both protagonists are female and they seemed to have been disillusioned in one way or another...Maria's motivation behind her "profession" is because of her bitterness against love and I particularly am drawn more to the character of Lindsey the sister of Susie (The Lovely Bones) because I seem to relate with her especially when it comes to expressing feelings or the lack of an appropriate outlet for them... well it's quite difficult to explain unless you really know me

It seems that I will enjoy reading both books... I just hope they won't end tragically since they both had a bad start already haha...

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