Thursday, May 5, 2011

The day I broke my nose

May 5, 2011 will go down in history as the day I broke my nose :(

I was walking - well almost running - up our office stairs when I made a misstep, fell and hit my nose on the step - rocky pebbly cement stair step mind you! I was bawling and screaming, crying and all that - to catch the attention of my officemates... they rushed me to our clinic for first aid... lots of blood...I scraped my shins too coz I was wearing a dress (darn! more scars!)...
I had to voice my fear - I had to ask the nurse - how can you tell whether a nose is broken? So it was decided - they had to rush me to the nearest ER... had an x-ray - and YUP! nasal bone fracture! waaaaa! The attending ENT physician recommended that I have it set then and there so... up to the operating room - I guess you could say for minor surgery? or procedure? -
Darn it! I don't care that I was screaming like a banshee and crying my lungs out! I bet the whole floor heard me! Blame it on the echoing hallways of the OR! hahaha...And to think I had anesthesia - I was conscious throughout the procedure -but still! the last time I had such anesthesia is during a visit to the dentist for a root canal! goodness!

So now I have this gladiator-like face mask cast over my nose with tubes up both nostrils to help me breathe - I need to muster up the courage tomorrow to remove those same tubes: imagine every hospital scenes of fugitives trying to sneak out of their rooms and have to unplug all their tubes before escaping! GAH! I expect to be screaming again!

And you know what other thing I was thinking of... It's a good thing I haven't had my passport renewed! Just Imagine how my nose would look there! HAHAHA

*I'm currently home, forced inside for a week till my next visit to the doctor*

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