Tuesday, August 7, 2012

"Baha ka lang... Pilipino Ako"

Last week it was typhoon Gener... 
This week it's Haikui?... 
Well not really coz there was and there is no storm around 
the metro that's causing 
this much rains and floods for the past 2 days!
(It's been days since I've seen a cloudless sunny sky)
Can we even call this Ondoy part 2?
A no-name Hanging Habagat? 
Habagat ni Haikui? 
(Parang HH lang ah...)

However we would end up calling for sure this will go down in the record books... 
And every time we're bombarded with such calamities... 
expect the Filipinos to rise above it every time...

with humor...

it's his/her? time to shine

buti nga sya red boots nya diba cute?

pwede na pang-olympics!

and we always extend our help...
I've never loved my twitter timeline more so 
than when I see tweets and retweets of peeps
helping out 

Philippines, hold on a little longer

and this is the tweet I love the most

Let's do this!


Here are a few info and ways to help:
RED CROSS HOTLINE: 143 or 527-0000 or 911-1876 or 524- 5787

 To donate thru Red Cross,
 send RED <5> 
to 2899 for Globe and 4143 for Smart. 
Ex RED 100
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