Saturday, October 13, 2012

Things I learned from my free day Saturday

Lessons I've learned (or re-learned whichever the case may be) from my free day Saturday this weekend...

1. I'm not used to eating that much food...that fast! 
Goodness! I woke up early - after a late night Friday gimik night watching Wilson Philips @ MOA Arena  may I add - to make a quick phone call to the office and headed back to bed because IT IS A SATURDAY NO WORK DAY for me... then had to drag myself out of bed again around noon... 
Checked messages and tweets and spontaneously made arrangements with my new adventure buddy and while rushing through my lunch, was making final arrangements to head off to QC by 2pm?!... GAH! As in di ko ata nalasahan yun kinain ko! haha

2.  It is truly a memorable experience to find and meet new friends and acquaintances...
You never know where such encounters will take you... enough said

3.  There are still good taxi drivers
For the life of me, I've always been anxious whenever I ride a taxi...
Good thing that the taxi rides we took yesterday were uneventful so to speak and the cab drivers were nice too!

4.  My penchant for wearing anything La Sallle in The Ateneo had an exemption if my life depended on it! haha
Define Bonfire... yup! I was there!
and did I mention I was (unfortunately? whichever side you're on) wearing a La Salle shirt - my trip to Katipunan was a spur of the moment thing - really!
So since we were unable to make a side trip for me to buy a new shirt... I had to settle to wearing my jacket! In this heat?! You can just imagine, right?! 
And what luck... of course I'd see familiar faces in Ateneo... and of all people, I bumped into one of my current student haha

Me with Ymara - current SC president in school
5.  I CAN NOT stay up late a day before a scheduled run!
And here I was thinking whether or not I can do it one after the other! hahaha
When I arrived home this morning! I was hungry and downed a 2-pc chickenjoy - that is a sure sign that I'm really hungry! Stayed up for a couple of hours coz I was still on a high after the
impromptu adventures I had - one in Tomas Morato and the other in Katipunan!
And woke up with just a couple of hours of sleep to start my Sunday!
My body clock sucks bigtime! haha

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