Sunday, September 29, 2013

Home Alone, Day 1

No I'm way older than Kevin from that popular movie so I know better :)
My sis and mom are staying at a hotel in Manila because my sister is taking the board exams this week... She'd like to be nearer the venue, less stress of course with all the commuting and traffic to and from the venue...
So I'll be stuck at home... Buying mostly fast food for me to survive haha

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Monday, September 16, 2013

Our Staple at a Chinese Resto

This photo was taken at Luk Yuen at Makati Supermart

Aside from the expected pansit canton, one of the "bestseller" for us
whenever we go and eat at a Chinese restaurant is the popular Lemon
chicken... Also I'd be looking for Shrimp dumpling or what I would
call shrimp hakaw (did I spell it right?)...
And any fish viand - in this picture is the Fish Fillet in taosi sauce
- I ordered this thinking it was that other popular viand I order, the
spare ribs in taosi sauce haha
What's another plus point in eating at a Chinese restaurant is its
affordable prices... (Except for PF Changs but that's another story