Monday, January 19, 2015

Pope Francis Speeches and Homilies During His Philippine Visit

There were a lot and I mean a lot of memorable quotes from the whole state and pastoral visit of Pope Francis to the Philippines. I still watch the replays of the events whenever I catch them on TV... And am wishing for a DVD of it should one of these TV networks come up with one 😉

And to further reflect on Pope Francis' messages it was a good thing that Rappler compiled all his speeches and homilies - both impromptu and prepared ones (link found at the end of the blog)

And I really do have lots of quotes that made an impact on me but this in particular is very... Honestly surprising to hear 😉

"Real love is about loving and letting yourself be loved. It's harder to let yourself be loved than to love. That is why it is so difficult to come to the perfect love of God. We can love Him but we must let ourselves be loved by Him. Real love is being open to the love that comes to you. The love that surprises us. If you only have information you are not surprised. Love surprises because it opens a dialogue of loving and being loved. God is a God of surprise because He loved us first. God awaits us to surprise us. Let us allow ourselves to be surprised by God. Let us not have a computer psychology that makes us think we know it all. All answers on computers - but no surprises. The challenge of love. God reveals himself through surprises."
- Pope Francis impromptu speech during the meeting with young people in UST

How has/will Pope Francis impacted/influence your life esp after his visit?

As Cardinal Tagle said... Let's reflect and do...

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