Sunday, January 18, 2015

Timeout for Pope Francis' last mass in the Philippines

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We walked from Vito Cruz almost until our hotel in UN Avenue (we were able to grab a pedicab halfway)... A lot of other "pilgrims" braving the rains and heading up to Luneta Grandstand...
That was around 1030 am and our checkin is not until 2pm 🙀
so we patiently waited and I secretly hoped we'd get at least a good room...
And thanks that we did get it even if it was from the 12th floor!

Ma told me that even from far away she can at least tell it was the Pope aside from the popemobile, his yellow raincoat is glaringly obvious 😺
Oh and thanks to the TV coverage too we can at least track where the Pope so we were ready to look out our room's window...

Not to mention that we also went down and waited in the crowd, not minding being drenched in the rain while waiting to catch another glimpse - albeit fleetingly - of Pope Francis!
Let me reiterate it as worth being wet to catch a quick glimpse of him in his Jeepmobile! 😸

Thank you Pope Francis for visiting the Philippines!

God bless you!
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