Saturday, February 28, 2009

my 50 random things (the famous FACEBOOK note-tag)

For those who have a FACEBOOK account...I believe you're familiar by now by the notes and random thoughts your friends tag you with...

this is one note which I really do not plan to do...coz it's too long...and I would rather read what my friends listed down than make my own "25 random things"... I find myself boring haha...

but as you can say... I gave in! and like what my friend did and advised me to do... I doubled it and listed down 50 random things

I placed this one here in my blog sites since I don't want to bother my FB contacts and tag them again there...and this is just for fun! haha

so go ahead and continue reading if you have the time...

Honestly I actually enjoyed writing this...


1. I love the color green...
2. I think I like the color green it because my former crush looked cute wearing that color
I like reading romance novels...and I got started when I was in college – blame my blockmates!

I’m too serious that days can pass without me cracking a smile

5. I think I provoke people with my sarcasm coz deep inside I’m having fun baiting them haha

6. I usually experiment with the latest hairstyles...except for rebonding or straightening but I’ve toyed with that idea...

7. I remember my dad used to kid me by simply calling me and I would approach thinking that he would say something important to me...and he’d simply say: “Take care of your teeth!” (inggit kasi sya dahil sya may false teeth eh)…he did this to me and my sis too…and he does this a lot of times in a day to the point that I get annoyed that the next time he calls I no longer approach him haha..

8. My sister and I used to pull each other’s hair when we were show affection of course! NOT! haha

9. My Ma usually finds the excuse of blaming my buying books and reading till the wee hours for some fault or whatever – “Kaw!... yan kasi kakabasa mo ng libro yan tuloy...etc etc”

10. I'm not an affectionate person...I internally cringe when someone tries to hug me or holds my hand...and it takes extreme effort for me to stand still and just take it haha

11. Ironically there are some friends or people that I kiss or beso whenever I meet them...but I usually don’t do that with my super close friends...go figure!

12. I miss this name ring of mine which hangs on a gold necklace – i used to think that whoever this guy for me I’d give it to him...but well it got snatched! Is that a sign?! Haha

13. I have different groups of friends...which I know might not gel together with each other if we went out all at the same time...gets?!

14. I like the names Joshua, Jonathan, Jeremy, Michael and Nicholas...but haven’t thought of nice girl names except for my name of course haha

15. I like doing a lot of things alone...going to the mall or watching a movie and eating...

16. I would rather observe than participate in a conversation...but at times when I butt in...I usually am being sarcastic haha

17. I’ve maintained long distance friendships with a friend in Guam, one in Texas, one in Phoenix, Arizona and a few in California...thanks to the world wide web! Haha

18. I have a lot of network site accounts and to think I’m no celebrity haha

19. I like going out to gigs or having coffee...spontaneously or at the spur of the those!

20. I think I learned eating dessert with my lunch during the time when I was a teacher coz my co-teachers all had dessert or some fruit with their lunch...

21. Have i told you I like Starbucks?! And even designated a day of the week for going there...

22. I hoard Starbucks table napkins…my mom would even remind me about it whenever she learns I’d be dropping by the place…

23. Before...whenever i’m in a bad mood...or what they call...”na-ba-bad trip!”, I’d order food to be delivered and treat my officemates haha

24. I can be easily provoked before to treat my officemates...stress on the word “before”! haha

25. I’m known in the office for rolling my eyes (nang-iirap) whenever I get irritated or annoyed over something or someone

26. I have a problem with my eyes so whenever my picture is taken I usually don’t look at the camera directly...or just make faces...

27. The last time I had bangs this short is when I was in grade school – too bad I can’t find my old pictures

28. I lost my Prep class picture! I lent it to my teacher for one of the school bulletin board’s collage and she never returned it...

29. I still have my old glasses when I was’s orange rimmed! Haha

30. I sometimes wear glasses whenever I get eye strain from staring at the pc too long...or staying too late and waking early the next day haha – I have 20-20 vision!

31. I had this old toy – a heavy Humpy Dumpy porcelain toy – which my mom accidentally dropped on my head when I was only a few months old – and that’s why I have a problem with my eyes

32. I was fed sampalok at an early age...I even have baby pictures with me eating them

33. I only eat sampalok which I buy whenever we go and visit my relatives in San Pablo – it should be made in Nagcarlan! haha

34. The last vegetable I remember eating is gabi – I don’t eat vegetables anymore except for French fries! Haha

35. My friends who know about my not eating vegetables always kid about what food to order...”Let’s go veggie!....any vegetarian pizza on the menu?”

36. I learned to appreciate music – from the old songs, love songs, jazz, pop, rock, bossa nova and such – but still can ‘t learn to name that tune or song title even after hearing the song for the nth time!

37. I would rather walk than spend a few pesos riding the trike – even when it’s hot! Good exercise I say!

38. I have a strong I don’t usually get fat...despite me eating a lot.

39. I believe in spending money on food ! rather than on hospital bills haha

40. I only consider having ....around 3 intimate friends...

41. My family and I don’t kiss during the “peace be with you” part of the mass...we hardly say “i love you” to each other...tho we show our love in other ways...

42. My Ma affectionately or jokingly calls me and my sis “timang!” whenever we do something stupid of course...which is often haha

43. I don’t cook...I don’t know much domesticated tasks – wash clothes or iron clothes that sort of stuff - so I guess I should marry a chef and hire 3 yayas haha

44. I don’t like talking to children and babies much coz I don’t like doing those baby talk... I usually talk to them straight...and wonder whether they understand me! haha

45. I refuse to call myself a fan of any celebrity...but go right ahead and have temporary mental lapses and admire a few celebrities! Haha...Maybe I just don’t want to be known as a “groupie”

46. I like reminiscing the good old times with close friends...but I usually don’t talk or contribute coz ...I don’t remember much of those so-called memorable hs or college sentimental huh! Hahaha

47. I am most envious of people who are well-travelled...

48. I usually jump from one thought to the next...I usually free associate... blame it on being a Psych graduate! Haha

49. I would rather go home in the morning (after) a late night gimik rather than go home late...I feel safer going home around 2-3am rather than before midnight...go figure!

50. I have a driver’s license and have something to do (every year) on my birthday...but I don’t drive! Useless! Haha

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