Monday, May 11, 2009

how to blog about blogging

For some reason I can't come up with an interesting blogpost about my weekend - my QC adventure weekend to be exact. It seems that I was really overwhelmed and suffered an information overload that now I don't know which are the highlights and how to blog about it.

So let me just simply tell you that...

A few weeks back, JP and Carl, mentioned an iblog summit they were to attend, the last time we were at Sitti's gig... That certainly got our attention - me and mJ to be exact. So we checked online and registered for the iblog5 Summit on May 9 at UP Diliman. It was for free anyway, so why the hell not.

So fast forward to May 9 and my QC adventure...Thankfully I arrived safely at Museo Juco and spent 2 nights there - thanks to mJ and her family for the hospitality as always.

Click here to check out TheHeirloomManila

Together with mJ, early Saturday, we went to UP Diliman and saw for ourselves what this blog summit was all about. And wow! I learned a lot! And that's an understatement. Goodness! Blogging is a small world - there really is a community of online bloggers. It's a social network all on its own.

Carl, mJ, JP and TiKisokA

to view more photos of my QC adventure click here

I don't want to bore you with the topics discussed - blogging 101, photoblogging, videoblogging, mobile blogging, micro blogging, marketing, blogging and the elections, how to earn from blogging, promotions etc - but suffice it to say... Now I see the blogging community in an enitrely different light. It certainly convinced me to put up another personal blogsite haha. We even had Carl and this popular blogger Azrael, check out mJ's The Heirloom Manila.

Will probably check out more blogging events and summits and add to my blogger friends.

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