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Funding for 40th Birthday Trip

Funding for 40th Birthday Trip: To celebrate my 40th birthday this year, I am set to go on a solo vacation to Cebu and ask for pledges for pocket money for that trip AND donations for the outreach/advocacy that I currently support – a group of scholars for their schooling.

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DREAM ON - Chapter 6, Meeting At Church

DREAM ON is a story about a boy who is transported back to the times of the gladiators in Rome... or was it? I can't quite recall anymore... I would be going through the story again as I retype it here...

DISCLAIMER: All scenes, characters, names and places that may be similar to real situations are all coincidental and are just made up by a 12-year old kid.

              “Mikey… Mikey… Mikey, wake up! Time to go to church,” Mrs. Williams said as she knocked on Mikey’s room.

                “Haaaah! Coming, Mom,” Mikey answered.

                “Haaaa!” Mikey yawned.  “What an adventurous dream I had… I think it is…”
                “It was nice meeting old Hernews and knowing more about my… but do yu think that dream could really be showing the truth about my parents?” he asked himself.

                “Hmmmm to think it was the same story Ms. Austin told me about her sister…” Mikey paused.  “Could Ms. Austin be my long lost relative?  Could Mr. & Mrs. Miller be my real parents?... I’m confused.”

                “Well like Old Hernews said… if only you believe.  Well I believe that very soon, I’ll get to know the truth,” Mikey concluded.

                “When the time comes, mom and dad will tell me the truth.”

                “I better dress up for mass.” He said.

                “Francis dear, can you hand me my pearl necklace,” Mrs. Williams requested.

                “Here it is.  I’ll put it on for you,” Mr. Williams offered.

                “Thank you, dear,” Mrs. Williams said as she gave her husband a kiss.

                “We might as well go now,” Mr. Williams said.

                “Yes, you’re correct, we might be late for mass,” Mrs. Williams said.

                “Mrs. Williams got her shoulder bag and they passed by Mikey’s room.

                “Mikey, we have to go,” Mr. Williams said as he knocked at the door.

                “Yes, Dad, I’m coming,” Mikey answered.

                “I’m ready now,” Mikey said as he appeared in his doorway a few seconds later.

                “Ok let’s go,” Mrs. Williams said.

                As they rode off, they passed by Ms. Austin’s house.

                “I think Ms. Austin is going to mass… the best time for her to meet mom and dad,” Mikey whispered to himself.

                “That house looks like the house I saw in my dream,” Mikey said.

                As they have driven past the house, Mikey frowned, appearing as though he is losing hope of finding his real parents.  But we all know that Mikey already knows the whole truth just because of his dream…

                As they arrived at church, the family chose a pew near the altar.

                “It’s Ms. Austin,” Mikey said.  “I’ll introduce mom and dad to her at the end of the mass,” proclaimed Mikey.

                “Mom,” Mikey paused.  “Let’s not leave yet after the mass.”

                “Why is that?” asked Mrs. Williams.

                “I would like to introduce you to my teacher,” Mikey said.

                “Where is she?” asked Mrs. Williams.

            “She’s just there across the aisle,” Mikey said.

            “Okay after the mass we’ll talk to her,” Mrs. Williams said.

            At the end of the mass, Mikey quickly looked at Ms. Austin to see where she was heading.

            “I better follow her so I won’t lose her,” Mikey said.

            At a fast pace, he followed Ms. Austin with his parents behind him following at a distance.

            “Ms. Austin… Ms. Austin…” Mikey shouted.

            Ms. Austin heard this and she took a glance behind her to see who was calling her.  Then Mikey waved at her.

            As she saw this, she asked, “Who could this be?”

            “Ms. Austin… Ms. Austin…” Mikey shouted.

            As Mikey caught up with Ms. Austin, he was gasping for breath.  “Ms. Austin… Thank goodness you stopped!” exclaimed Mikey.

            “Why, what’s the matter?” asked the pretty lady.

            “I would like to introduce you to my parents,” he said.

            “Where are they?” Ms. Austin asked.

            Mikey looked back to see where his parents were.

            “There they are,” he said.

            “Mom… Dad… I’m here,” Mikey shouted as he waved to them.

            “Oh there you are,” Mrs. Williams said.

            “Mom… Dad… I would like you to meet my new adviser, Ms, Austin,” Mikey said.

            “Ms. Austin, they are my parents,” Mikey said.

            “Pleased to meet you,” Mrs. Williams said as she shook hands with her.

            “Nice to meet you,” Mr. Williams said.

            “It is a pleasure to meet you, Mr. & Mrs. Williams,” Ms. Austin said.  “To think you look familiar… like I saw you somewhere before.”

            “Yes… we have the same feeling too,” Mrs. Williams said.

            “Can we talk in private,” Mr. Williams said as he instructed Mikey to go somewhere for awhile.

            As Mikey left…

            “Yes… I remember now…you’re the couple who adopted my nephew,” Ms. Austin said.

            “I also remember… are you Michelle Austin?” Mrs. Williams asked.

            “Yes I am,” Ms. Austin paused.  “I am now convinced – you are the couple.”

            “So now that we have met again…may we ask… how are the parents of Mikey?” Mr. Williams asked.

            “They died two months after you adopted Mikey,” Ms. Austin said softly.

            “We’re sorry,” Mrs. Williams said.

            “Now that you’ve seen your nephew, do you have any plans of getting him from us?” Mrs. Williams asked bluntly.

            “I don’t have the right to take your child away from you,” Ms. Austin said.

            “But we ask from you one favour,” Mr. Williams said.

            “What is it?” Ms. Austin asked.

            “We would like you to keep these things from Mikey,” Mrs. Williams pleaded.

            “For the sake of Mikey’s future, I will,” Ms. Austin said.

            “Thank you, Ms. Austin for being so cooperative,” Mr. Williams said.

            “It’s really my pleasure… just for my nephew,” Ms. Austin said.  “Please take good care of him.”

            “I hope we could talk like this again,” Mrs. Williams said.

            “We should be on our way home now,” Mr. Williams said.  “Would you like a lift home?”

            “No thank you.  I have my own ride,” Ms. Austin said.

            “We’ll be going now,” Mrs. Williams proclaimed.

            “Bye.  See you!” Ms. Austin said as she waved goodbye to the pretty couple.

            As the couple went outside, they met Mikey who was waiting impatiently by their car.

            “What took you so long?” Mikey asked curious.

            “We still had to talk to your teacher,” Mrs. Williams said.

            “Like what?”Mikey said irritably.

            “Enough of this talk and let’s go home,” Mr. Williams proclaimed.

            As the Williams rode off, Mikey was still wondering what his parents and Ms. Austin talked about at the church.

            “Mom… Dad… you haven’t answered my question yet,” Mikey said crossly.  “What were you talking about with my teacher?”

            “Mom! Dad! Why don’t you tell me?” Mikey exclaimed.

            “I think it’s about my real parents…” Mikey uttered.

            “How do you know?” Mrs. Williams asked.

            “So the truth comes out after all.  You were talking about my parents…”Mikey said.

            “Tell me… Tell me about them.  Come on Mom… Dad… it’s high time that you tell me,” Mikey said.

            After Mr. and Mrs. Williams heard this from Mikey, they looked at each other and understood what the other was thinking.

            “Shaine, I think we better tell him,” Mr. Williams said.

            Mrs. Williams took a deep breath and started telling Mikey, “Ms. Austin is your long lost relative,” Mrs. Williams paused.  “She is your aunt.”

            “How about my real parents?” Mikey asked anxiously.

            “They died two months after we adopted you,” Mr. Williams said softly.

            “Now that you know the whole truth, we hope you will still love us as the way you always do,” Mrs. Williams said tearfully.

            “Of course.” Mikey said.  “You are my parents.”

            That’s my boy!” Mr. Williams proclaimed.

            “Let’s have a small party when we get home,” Mrs. Williams said.

            “Yehey!” Mikey screamed happily.

The 12-year old me obviously did not like the dramatic confrontation... I kept it neat and simple...over and done with haha...

DREAM ON - Chapter 5, The Escape

DREAM ON is a story about a boy who is transported back to the times of the gladiators in Rome... or was it? I can't quite recall anymore... I would be going through the story again as I retype it here...

DISCLAIMER: All scenes, characters, names and places that may be similar to real situations are all coincidental and are just made up by a 12-year old kid.

“Let the games begin!” proclaimed the Emperor while instructing the guards.  “Let the first gladiator out and let us see who is the toughest.”

            As the Emperor instructed the guards, trumpets were playing and the audience was shouting as the gates slowly opened, letting the ferocious lion out of its cage.

            As the lion stepped out of its cage, it was roaring like thunder and hungers for food, waiting impatiently for its prey.

            “Now… Bring out the next gladiator!” exclaimed the Emperor.

            “Here is Old Hernews as our first prey,” shouted the guard.

            And after this announcement, the gates swiftly opened and let Old Hernews out tied with chains.  And then the people were surprised to see a boy following Old Hernews.

            As the Emperor saw this, “Who is this impostor with this old man?”

            “Remove their chains and let them speak for themselves,” the Emperor said.

            “Sir, to inform you I am not an impostor and who are you to make slaves of these people?” Mikey asked determined.

            “Who are you to say that to the Emperor?” the Emperor said irritably.

            “Who are you to interfere with my dream?” Mikey said.

            “What an imaginary boy you are… you even don’t know to whom you are talking to,” the Emperor said.  “Well to tell you, I have the power to harm you, and as we all know, you’re only a little boy.”
            “Enough of this nonsense.  Let the games begin!” the Emperor said.

            As Mikey and Old Hernews heard this, they quickly put their plan into action.

            “Old Hernews, do you have magic?” Mikey asked, his knees shaking as he heard the lion growl.

            “Well yes… what do you like me to do?” Old Hernews asked.

            “I want you to do some magic on the lion and turn him into a dog,” Mikey said.

            “Okay… I’ll try,” Old Hernews said as he thought about the magic words.

            “O dear magic turn this animal to a tame little dog,” and quickly Old Hernews pointed his cane to the lion’s mouth.

            As the magic worked, the lion started to growl but the sound was like that of a dog.

            “Woof! Woof!” the lion growled as he walked toward Mikey and licked his cheek.

            “What happened to our ferocious lion?” asked the Emperor in dismay.

            The audience kept on asking each other, “What happened?” as they looked at the tamed lion.

            “Well even though my magic did not work perfectly at least it’s worth it,” Old Hernews said as he watched Mikey and the lion.

            “We better escape while they are still wondering.  Let’s get a move on,” Mikey said.

            “But we need a ride,” said Old Hernews.

            “We have one here,” Mikey said as he pointed to the lion.  “Hop on!”

            And quickly Old Hernews and MIkey rode on the lion’s back and were swiftly carried away and out of the arena.

            As the Emperor saw this, he instructed the guards, “Catch those slaves!  Never come back without them!”

            “Giddy yap!” Mikey said as he hit the lion with Old Hernews’ cane.

            “Let’s try losing them,” Old Hernews said.

            “But how?  I don’t know much of this place,” Mikey said.

            “Turn right here.  I know a short cut,” Old Hernews said.

            As they turned right, the two chariots behind them quickly followed.

            “Now take the came while I mix up some of my magic,” Old Hernews proclaimed.

            As he turned his body and looked at the chariots behind them, he said, “O dear magic, help us now to block these chariots with a big, big cloud.”

            As he said this, his hands glowed and he pointed them to the chariots.  And as the magic worked, a big, big cloud blocked their view.

            “We lost them!” Mikey said relieved.

            “Now where’s our next stop?” Mikey asked.

            “Let’s turn right here.  My cottage is just around the corner,” Old Hernews said.

            As they reached Old Hernews’ house, they bid goodbye to their friend, the lion and went inside the small cottage.

            “What a nice cottage you have,” Mikey said in admiration.

            “Well it’s worth living for,” Old Hernews said.

            “What do you mean?” Mikey asked.

            “In this place, it’s hard to make a living especially with our Emperor sitting on the throne.  They steal money from the townsfolk and they catch some of them and make them slaves.  That’s why I’m very grateful to you for saving me,” Old Hernews said.

            “If it wasn’t for your magic we could be doomed,” Mikey said.

            “Well let’s say we both did it,” Old Hernews said.

            “Now that you have saved me, I can make good on my pledge,” Old Hernews proclaimed.

            “Now my boy, what is it that you wish?” Old Hernews asked.

            “I would like you to help me know more about my real parents,” Mikey said softly.

            “In what way?” asked Old Hernews.

            “Can you do some magic tricks and show me in a vision who my parents are,” Mikey said.

            “As you wish,” Old Hernews said as he looked through his books on the shelves above them.

            “Here!  I’ll just red them over and I’ll start,” Old Hernews said.

            As Old Hernews read the item in his book thoroughly, Mikey was waiting impatiently and hoping that he will know enough about his parents.

            “Okay, I have read it all over and I have mastered it already,” Old Hernews said.

            “That was fast,” Mikey said in amazement.

            “You children can never learn how to cope up with us hermits,” Old Hernews said.

            “Never mind… let’s start,” Mikey said irritably.

            After a few minutes of preparation, they were now ready to go through time.

            “Now it’s ready,” Old Hernews proclaimed.

            “Now look into this boiling pot and you will see a lot about your parents if you will just believe,” Old Hernews said.

            “I believe,” said Mikey.

            While Old Hernews was stirring the water in the pot, a figure was forming in it.

            “Now look into this pot and you will see your parents,” Old Hernews instructed.

            Mikey looked into the pot and saw a figure of a couple who looks exactly like him.

            “Are they my parents?” Mikey asked.

            “They sure are… Now look further,” Old Hernews said.

            As Mikey watched, he saw a familiar house.

            “That house looks like the house of… Ms. Austin!” he exclaimed.

            “It also has a blue sedan – the car of Ms. Austin,” he muttered.

            “There is a couple coming out of the house with a baby,” Mikey paused.  “The woman is like that of the picture of Jenifer Miller and her husband, John.”

            As Mikey stared at the baby, he noticed something.
            “The baby is wearing the same pendant as I’m wearing,” Mikey said.

            “Do you think they are my real parents?” he asked Old Hernews.

            “Do not ever be against my power, whatever you see here is true,” Old Hernews said.

            “If I may ask, why do you want to know about your real parents? Aren’t they living with you?” Old Hernews asked.

            The frown on his face quickly answered Old Hernews’ question.

            “Well thank you for your help, Old Hernews,” Mikey said.

            “My pleasure,” he answered.

            “One more thing, Old Hernews,” Mikey said.

            “What is it?”

            “Can you bring me back to my own time?” Mikey asked.

            “As you wish, my lad,” the old hermit said.

            “O dear magic, bring this young man to his very own land,” Old Hernews said as he pointed his fingers at Mikey and he disappeared.


Okay so I am back to cringing again while I type this... hahaha Gawd! There were a few scenes that really made me think of what the heck was really going through my head during that time?!... I just retyped it even if it didn't make much sense...  I think this chapter deserves a SMH emoji hahaha

Week END food tripping again

I'm not that fond of Mexican food but whenever I get the chance to eat it I go with the safe ones... 

Nachos or the quesadillas

It's another night out with my friends...

And we started with Su Casa in this food strip compound in ParaƱaque...


It seems like a popular food resto since it has the stamp of "no. 1 Mexican joint in Metro Manila by When In Manila" outside (it's a website for travelers and tourists and such)... 

 And I would agree that their peri chicken and shrimp gambas is good



 Since I am around the area and we're waiting for our ramen in the nearby resto... 

We passed by the community market first, which is open on weekends here in Salcedo in Makati 



 We really just killed time around the block and had dalandan juice...



 No wonder most ramen bars have adequate seating space...



 When you're seated, they prepare your order so that it is served hot... 

 The best way to enjoy any shoyu ramen... 
With gyoza on the side... 


 Another first time experience in Mendokoro, a ramen bar in Makati. 
 Go ahead and try it... 
 It's worth the wait...

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DREAM ON - Chapter 4, Mikey Approaches

DREAM ON is a story about a boy who is transported back to the times of the gladiators in Rome... or was it? I can't quite recall anymore... I would be going through the story again as I retype it here...

DISCLAIMER: All scenes, characters, names and places that may be similar to real situations are all coincidental and are just made up by a 12-year old kid.

             So as he closed his book and rested his eyes, his friends: Liza, Livie, Kate and Jeremy entered the room.

            “So you have awaken from your deep sleep,” Liza said jokingly.

            “What sleep?” asked Mikey.

            “Never mind!” exclaimed Liza.

            “Have you eaten your snack?” asked Livie sweetly.

            “Oh! My goodness!” exclaimed Mikey.  “I forgot to bring my snack.”

            “Well you have to eat and there’s no time for you to eat anymore,” proclaimed Livie.

            “I do have another sandwich,” Jeremy offered.  “You can have it.”

            “Thank you.  You’re a good friend,” Mikey said.

            “How sweet! Yech!” exclaimed Kate.

            “So Mikey, how’s my book?  Is it interesting?” Jeremy asked.

            “Yeah… it’s okay,” Mikey answered.

            “What’s so interesting about it?” Kate asked.  “You’ve been reading it since our fist class.”

            “If you want to know, borrow it from Jeremy after I finish,” Mikey retorted.

            “Not the kind of answer I expected,” Kate muttered.
            “Never mind, let’s just eat,” Liza proclaimed.

            As time passes by, it’s already time for them to leave for home.

            “Come on, Mikey.  What’s taking you so long?” asked Livie.

            “Go ahead.  I still have to talk with Ms. Austin.  Wait for me at the gate,” Mikey said.

            As the others left, Mikey approached Ms. Austin.

            “Good afternoon, Ms. Austin,” Mikey said.
            “Good afternoon.  Is there any problem?” Ms. Austin asked.

            “I would just like to ask you some questions, if you don’t mind?” he said.

            “Of course not… what is it?”

            “Well, it’s quite personal,” Mikey admitted.

            “I don’t mind,” Ms. Austin said.

            “How old are you, Ms. Austin?”
            “Well, I’m 43 years old,” she answered.

            “Are you married?” the boy asked.

            “No I’m not” she answered with an embarrassing laugh.

            “Do you have any brother or sister?” he asked.

            “I do have a sister.  Her name is Jenifer Miller.  Her husband is John Miller,” she said.

            “Do they have any kids?” he asked.

            Ms. Austin paused for awhile and answered softly, “Yes they have – a baby boy.”

            “How old is he?” Mikey asked.

            “I think he is as old as you,” she said.

            “Where is he now?  Is he not studying?” Mikey asked.

            She said softly, “Well it happened twelve years ago , my sister and her husband died in an accident, leaving their child to me,” she said.

            “I was not financially stable then so I gave the baby to a well-off family.  I think he’s now having a wonderful life with his new found parents.”

            “What is the name of that family?” he asked.

            “Well I don’t remember much… I prefer not to recall,” she proclaimed.

            “Do you have a picture of your sister and her husband?” Mikey asked.

            “Well yes, I think it’s here,” Ms. Austin said as she opened her shoulder bag and got her wallet.

            “Here.  They are holding my nephew when he was only two months old,” she said.

            “What is that hanging around the baby’s neck?” he asked.

            “It’s a pendant given to him by his mother,” she paused as she looked at Mikey and noticed his necklace.

            “It’s almost just like yours,” she said.

            “Oh this? It’ was given by my mother too,” he said as he looked back to the picture saying, “What a nice couple they are!”

            “They sure were,” Ms. Austin said.

            “Well Ms. Austin, thank you for that wonderful conversation,” Mikey said.

            “My pleasure,” Ms. Austin answered.

            As Mikey took his bag and left the room, he glanced at Ms. Austin who answered him with a smile.

            As he left the school grounds and headed for the gate, he was welcomed only by Jeremy.

            “Where are the others?” Mikey asked.

            “They all left.  They said they could not wait for you any longer,” Jeremy said.

            “Let’s just go home,” Mikey said.

            “I’ll just get my bike.  Wait for me here,” proclaimed Mikey.

            As they were on the road…
            “Do you have a collection of stamps?  Like something that can remind you of the past?” Mikey asked.

            “I think I have.  When we get to our house, I’ll run up and get it,” Jeremy said.

            As they arrived in Jeremy’s home…

            “I’ll go and get it,” Jeremy said.

            “I’ll wait for you here,” Mikey said.

            After a few minutes of waiting, Jeremy rushed out of the door. 

            “I’m sorry Mikey for keeping you waiting but I can’t find it.  I’ll just give it to you at school,” proposed Jeremy.

            “Alright.  I better go home now and my mom will be worried,” Mikey said.

            As he rode off, he saw a blue sedan with someone familiar behind the wheel.

            “Isn’t that Ms. Austin?” Mikey said to himself.

            “How about if I follow her…” he muttered.

            After saying this, he quickly pedalled and followed the car of Ms. Austin at a distance.

            As the car turned left, “Ms. Austin’s house is only two blocks away from our house,” Mikey said.

            And again he followed the blue sedan as it went to a stop and parked at a house two meters away from the block.

            “It’s just like ours except for the wooden fences,” Mikey said.

            “I better go now and mom will get angry,” he said.


            “So how’s your day, sweetheart?” asked Mrs. Williams.

            “It’s fine,” Mikey said as he took a bite of his vegetables.

            “Your mother said you came ten minutes than your usual curfew,” Mr. Williams said.

            “Huh? Oh! I have plenty of things to do in school before I leave,” Mikey said.

            “Like what?” Mr. Williams asked sternly.

            “I had to clean the room and fix the shelves,” Mikey said.

            “That is a good reason, Francis,” Mrs. Williams said.

            “Well Shaine, for me that is still not a good reason!” exclaimed Mr. Williams.  “Maybe that’s why he was cleaning their room because he was punished.”

            “Is this true, Mikey?” asked Mrs. Williams.

            “No.  I cleaned the room because we were assigned to,” he answered.

            “See how good your son is, Francis,” Mrs. Williams said.

            “May I be excused,” Mikey asked.

            “Yes you may,” Mr. Williams said.

            As he reached his room, he quickly closed and locked the door.  He opened his bag and got his book and started reading it.

            “Mikey…Mikey… What are you doing?” Mrs. Williams asked as she was knocking on Mikey’s door.

            “May I come in?” Mrs. Williams asked.

            “The door’s open,” Mikey said.

            “What are you up to?” Mrs. Williams asked.

            “Nothing much,” Mikey said as he quickly covered his book with his pillow.

            “Well I just came to give you a goodnight kiss,” Mrs. Williams said.

            “Goodnight, Mom,” he said.

            “Goodnight, dear,” Mrs. Williams said as she turned off the light.

            In the middle of the night, Mikey was again having his dream… He was back to the same dark cell with the same old man in it.  And he heard people shouting, “Let the games begin!”

            Then he tried to speak to the old man who was with him in the cell.

            “What is your name?  What are you doing here?” he asked.

            The old man stared at Mikey and answered him with a whispering voice, “My name is Old Hernews and I don’t know what I’m doing here.”

            “It’s been years since I was locked in this dark cell,” Old Hernews said.

            “What’s that noise we’ve been hearing from outside?” asked Mikey.

            “It’s the game of the gladiators,” answered Old Hernews.

            “What actually do they do?” he asked.

            “They take one of the slaves and let him fight with the lions,” he said gasping for breath.

            “Do you think you are going to be sent too?” he asked.

            “If I don’t get out of here that’s the next thing that will happen to me,” Old Hernews said.

            “What’s your name?” Old Hernews asked.

            “My name is Mikey,” he said.

            “Nice to meet you,” Old Hernews said.

            “I would like to help you,” Mikey said.

            “In what way?” Old Hernews asked.

            “I’ll help you get out of this cell for good,” Mikey said determinedly.

            “What can you do for a small boy like you?” asked Old Hernews.

            “Don’t worry… I’ll think of a way… but if I help you, you must grant me a favour,” Mikey said.

            “Anything… just get me out of here once and for all,” Old Hernews said.

            “Okay… Here’s the plan…” Mikey began whispering to him...

I forgot why I thought of the name Hernews and why the days of the gladiators? I think I watched a Hollywood movie with such a setting during that time...

Less cringing now since I've gotten used to my crappy writing style hahaha