Monday, June 29, 2009

reactivating my old 'alumni visits" photo album

I remembered that I used to have one particular photo album in my multiply site
which collected pictures of my former kids...who are now alumni...
that was way back in 2005...

Iris, Khris, Agnes and Joan dropped by to get their yearbooks

my first batch of kids were fresh hs graduates...and they still wanted to stay connected with their alma mater so to speak...

with Danna

and now...this year...

I recently had alumni visitors...
from different batches!
since I had another batch fresh out of hs - batch 2009!
(no pictures with them so far but will surely get the chance esp when Intrams come again)

and my first batch - who are fresh out of college!
and most are already working!


with Tinsel! Keep in Touch!

incidentally I'm on my 3rd batch of hs kids

to view the photo album click here

Sunday, June 28, 2009

so what's your Michael Jackson connection?

As the world mourns or tries to get over the sudden demise of Music's King of Pop - Michael Jackson...
and as countless tributes and special media coverage has been shown from CNN to TMZ...
this made me more aware that this guy really made such an i
mpact in the music industry...and he has such numerousssss! and I mean lots of hits!

and amidst all these...
it made me wonder and recall
this one "Michael Jackson incident" I'd like to call
which happened recently...

me and my friends were having a road trip to Calatagan last April
as a last-hurrah-for-summer-outing...
and my friend prepared a roadtrip CD...
so we were of course listening to the music she mixed up for us...
and we were already nearing our destination by then...
we were as usual singing along to the songs...
and one in particular was Michael Jackson's song...

I Just Can't Stop Loving You! - incidentally that's one of his songs that I like! - and while we were engrossed singing along with MJ
shucks! we missed our turn! wahahaha
we were the first car in the convoy and everybody
had to make a U-turn and head back to the turn towards the resort
we missed!

and my friend exclaimed something like...
kainis naman dahil kasi kay Michael Jackson...lumagpas tuloy tayo!

So what's your Michael Jackson connection?

Friday Night Fusion @ Ten02 Bar on July 17th

"Friday Night Fusion"
@ Ten02 Bar on July 17th

Friday Night Fusion

Citizens for OPM and Helm of the Realm Productions

in cooperation with

TangerineSkies Artist PR & Entertainment Gateway


== A Night of Bossa Nova, Dance Electronica, Indie Pop Rock and Soul Music ==

With performances by:

"Philippines' Queen of Bossa Nova"
Tall, tan, young, and lovely were some of the words that Antônio Carlos Jobim and Vinicius de Moraes used to describe the illustrious Girl from Ipanema; and in 2006, the Philippines was blessed with the opportunity to witness her beauty–in the fitting form of Sitti.

While the Techy Romantics are clearly based on the magic of electronica, there isn’t a hint of contrivance here. Everything sounds natural, everything flows freely. There is no strategy, there is no plan. Beats begin breathing, guitars come a-stirring, vocals creep in, and then the songs, they just come alive. And it’s not anarchy, it’s not chaos, because there is a lovely order in things. There’s just this powerful surge of energy that nobody can resist.

The Camerawalls rises from the ashes of Orange & Lemons – which disbanded in September 2007 after skyrocketing to popularity on the merit of three distinct albums that found favor in a discriminating musical audience. The music of The Camerawalls creates ripples of nostalgia and pop – manifesting an eclectic array of influences ranging from ‘60s-era Beatles, to The Jam, to the ‘80s guitar pop sound of The Smiths, XTC, Terry Hall, The Stone Roses, and The Pale Fountains, to name a few.

Juan Pablo Dream started as a bossa nova band in early 2004 and later on added horn section, and ended up as a groovy soul band. The band’s debut album “Soul Up” is composed of eleven original tracks including a bossa nova rendition of their single Nice Place. JPD also contributed a song to the compilation Hopia, Mani, Popcorn 2 with their version of “Bato Sa Buhangin”, an original from the 70’s band Cinderella. To create a Motown flavor, they added two new female members to compliment the band’s musicality. For sure, anybody can dance to the groove that this fabulous soul band has to offer. The band’s influences include Ray Charles, The Who, Otis Redding, Aretha Franklin, and many more.

Layag is an upcoming fusion soul group, whose music merges poetic lyrics, soulful melodies and catchy rhythms. The group is composed of Gayle Dizon's powerful vocals and a roster of highly creative musicians who come from different musical backgrounds, each contributing to the band's unique, yet distinctly Filipino sound.


Catch the once in a lifetime FUSION of these astoundingly brilliant OPM artists on July 17, 2009 (Friday) at Ten 02 Bar, Timog Ave., QC

Tickets are at Php 300 with one free drink!

For ticket reservations, please contact
Noel (0917-8008336) or Jeff (0917-8451318)


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~ mJ || TangerineSkies Artist PR ~

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

random thought from a former a colleague

a few days before opening of classes this June, we had our annual retreat in Capuchin Retreat Center in Lipa Batangas...
And as expected we had group sharings...

Incidentally we were asked to come up with our little presentation during our socialization that night...anything goes...and I observed that in every group presentation...the Guidance peeps are either the most participative or the
ones who cooked up the ideas for each presentation...
I think we're most likely to come up with innovative ideas and such...I don't know haha...

And as expected they looked to me to come up with the idea what our group would former teacher Ms. Babes Victa - my geom teacher and now working as math teacher in Seton South - readily "volunteered' me to come up with the idea since she said when it comes to dancing or singing or the performing arts or just plainly coming up with such ideas...she can't be relied on....I think it's the age

Let me get to the memorable part and why I'm blogging...
we had our group sharing and it's serious stuff...we had to share what we think of what we've learned so far....etcetc...and so at first we kept quiet....waiting for someone to speakup first...
and Ms. babes "volunteered" me again haha...and so I spoke up first...
and in the middle of my sharing...
Ms. Babes go and say...
onga pala Kit naging studyante nga pala kita...nakakalimutan ko...

I retorted:
Ms. naman eh wala naman kasing 'sharing' pag geom kaya di nyo naaalala na naging student nyo ko...

Though now in retrospect...her comment can mean alot of things...
either I was not a bibo student before and not very memorable in my hs days...or Geom was not a very interactive subject anyway for me to always recite...
or maybe she was just surprised to hear me sharing my opinion
and be that serious and insightful...
and just maybe we have something in common...
and share the same wavelength

or am I just getting old haha

Monday, June 22, 2009

Tuesday Club on another Friday Night

so if Jojoyce and Aids didn't arrive that night...
it would have been another Southern peeps get together
and would have been more convenient

if we hooked up in Alabang for it!

but hey!
I supremely enjoyed myself that night
so who's complaining?

What: Psychos Reunion Panning-Meeting
When: June 19, 2009
Where: Cafe Bola & Starbucks Greenbelt 3
Who else: Psychos!

To view more of the photos above click here

define multitasking

define multitasking

Aside from it being the usual way of life in the corporate world and even in my world - school

A funny thing happened...
So let me define multitasking based on my experience at work yesterday...

Multitasking is...
attending our unit meeting...
while taking down notes by typing in my laptop
while playing Chuzzle!
and of course interjecting some suggestions in appropriate times throughout the meeting...
Mind you! I was listening to the chairperson!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

i know how to make a gif image wohoo!

goodness! my patience paid off haha!

I played around with our old pics...
these taken during the SiTTiZens' trip to Don Bosco Batulao a year ago...
we were having fun and tried to capture jump shots!
and it wasn't easy mind you! haha

When I was able to grab these pics (only recently to be exact)
I toyed with the idea of creating a gif image of it...and

sittizens jumpshot

*photos courtesy of Patch's camera
If I remember it correctly it was Jeff taking these photos

and since I saved old photos again because of this gif
I now have a new album of old photos haha
click here

check out the following links to see the old photos and blogpost:
group shots
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
What took you so long to let me know?

Monday, June 15, 2009

which is the better background music?

My friend asked for feedback on which background music is better for her animation project which she did for a film workshop way back when she was in HS...

of course she chose songs from my fave band - Taken by Cars! it's obvious that I would choose both haha...

but I still gave her my intellectual feedback hehe

and I want to hear yours...

So which do you think is the better background music? Weeknight Memoir or Uh-Oh...both by Taken by Cars.

Weeknight Memoir


Fete dela Musique 2009

fete de la musique 2009

music afficionados might be interested....
(found this thru mari arquiza's multiply site)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Silence is King

T here is a story about a king who did not have any children to succeed him. He called his closest advisors and gave them each a seed to plant, telling them, "Whoever best cultivates the tree within these seeds shall reign over my kingdom after me."

Years passed and time came for him to step down. He called his advisors to the royal garden to review their work. All of the trees were gloriously bountiful and colorful except one. It had not even broken ground.

The king approached the gardener of the unborn tree and asked him what happened. "Your highness, I did my best. I watered the seed daily, spoke to it with love, used the best nutrients, and made sure it enjoyed hours of direct sunlight. I'm sorry to have disappointed you, but not even a root sprouted."
"My son," the king responded, "you shall be the next king."
The advisors looked at the king in shock. The king continued. "You see, instead of giving you each a seed, I gave you each a small, smooth pebble. Most of you couldn't bear the thought of not succeeding, of not being the best, so you planted a 'real' seed.
Only one of you had the integrity and honesty to do your best with what you were given. That man will be your next king."

This story clearly illustrates what being a teacher is all about — and we are all teachers. It's not about the bells and whistles. It's not about good looks or fancy words. It's about honesty, integrity, and dedication. It's the willingness to make the best of what you've been given, even if it's not what fits the mold. It sometimes means working long and hard hours at a relationship, with not so much as a thank you.


thanks to MC for sending me this thru email

The Time Traveler's Wife

All I can say is OMG!!!

click on the photo to go the link
to view more about The Time Traveler's Wife (movie) click here

Friday, June 12, 2009

reality bites

a funny thing happened in school yesterday...
we were supposed to have the campus tour for the 1st year students during the orientation program last Wed...but due to time constraints we had to postpone it...but since they still did not have regular classes we were able to squeeze it in their schedule yesterday...

so after lunch we headed off to fetch the 1st year students, the counselors were assigned one section...
now as I was touring this class assigned to me...I saw this boy who looked familiar...
and while we were walking, I approached him and asked for his name, which he gave, and I told him that I remember him and that he looks familiar...and I simply walked back to the front of the line

back in the office, I mentioned this incident to my officemate and why I did that...coz he was the same kid who I remembered was crying during his first day in Preschool!
Before, the counselors assisted the preschool teachers during the 1st day of school - and I remembered him since he was crying and I had to soothe and accompany him throughout the class...
Goodness! That was preschool...and now he's 1st year HS!!!


first day of classes...and there were lots of alumni visiting Seton...coz their classes were suspended because of the influenza A H1N1 cases around schools...
lots of kamustahan here and much as I can squeeze it in since I was busy with the students orientation last Wed...

but I always had my ready kamustuhan questions: oh san ka na nagaaral? anong course mo? kelan pasok nyo? and so forth and so on

though after having lunch at around 4pm...another group of alumni were looking for me...and I gamely entertained them...but when I saw them...I had to pause and do a double take...I was so ready to ask my usual kamustahan questons but...wait! these are different faces - older faces so to speak...and I readily changed gears and asked...
Uy! kamusta na kayo? teka! graduate na kayo? working na ba kayo? how are the board exams?

And then I realized...I've had 2 batches of kids already...and I'm on my 3rd one


most of my guy relationships, if there ever was a relationship , has always been seems like I'm the one who has the liking for the guys and they just don't see me that way - ever...

they usually tell me their problems with their lives, their family, their love life, sexy times and such haha...or maybe tsismosa lang ako at marunong ako makinig haha

I remembered that just last week, I finally watched the Ryan Reynolds movie Just Friends...
and swak! I'm that... I'm always...almost always in the friends zone with these guys...

And they never know different...of course as much as we tell each other stuff...there are still things I don't tell them

Oh well...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

first time emceeing a wedding

I'm used to being the emcee in most of our programs and orientation in long as you give me a script to follow and am alright with that... I've hosted a debut before (heya Moogie!) and served as commentator and assisted with the wedding of one of my closest friends (heya Cathy!)...but this is really the first time I've emcee'd for a wedding...

Even before we knew that our officemate Emma was planning for her wedding...I wasn't expecting her to invite us since we've only known each other for roughly 3 years (?)
and puhleez! weddings are too costly right! so I told her not to even invite me anymore to ease up on their expenses...and my other officemate Sheila piped in that if she were to even attend a wedding she better be doing something for it aside from just waiting and eating and "attending" a wedding... so Emma's solution? She got both of us as her reception's hosts! haha

And honestly...I enjoyed myself really... despite the jitters - first time for both of us to be that nervous because of emceeing haha - and even ended up talking about Sheila's wedding and her giving me tips on how she wants it to turn now Sheila assumes I'd be her coordinator for that! Goodness!

This could turn out to be a sideline huh hahaha

Congratulations to Paul & Emma!

The Bride with her emcees
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Monday, June 1, 2009

my 30th birthday weekend

Alright I admit it! Am old...I feel old...but I don't think or feel old that much most of the time so most of the time I just ignore the numbers and the years...

So you can just imagine, I really wasn't expecting much for my birthday this year... Aside from having our offcie teambuilding activity scheduled for that weekend... I knew that it would just be any other ordinary day as usual haha...

But well I tried and celebrated it just the same...and was utterly surprised to discover that I enjoyed my birthday!


Watching a Gig on a Friday

For the past 2 years, I've celebrated my birthday by watching a gig of Sitti - the first was her show in Mandarin which feel on the day after my bday, last year was a week after my bday at 19East...nice to celebrate my bday watching my fave artist

Unfortunately for this year, she had no show scheduled for my birthday and since I wanted to spend my day watching a gig...I checked out the gig guide of 19East and yey! May 22 had Itchyworms, Julianne and Silent Sanctuary...

I penciled that in... Asked a few of my gig buddies if they wanted to join me - mJ, Patch and Joy did - and headed off to spend a - maybe last gimik night before school starts waaaaa! - music apreciation lessons @ 19East

with mJ

and Patch

and Joy!

to view more of the photos above click here

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Teambuilding on a Saturday

Had a late gimmick the night before and yet I was still up and about early the next day for our Teambuilding Activity. We were headed of too Talisay, Batangas, that's where our school president has their family rest house... and she had it made in a way that it can also accommodate seminars and such so it had its own pavillon for activities and small huts with rooms for guests.

We arrived at around 10am, we had - well they had to cook our lunch - we went to the market in Mahogany before that...we really had to fend for ourself so to speak since the owners were not around and there were only caretakers around...

We had to forego our planned trek to the falls that morning since they had to cook lunch... and our host arrived to check up on us too for a short time and left after an hour or two...

My "birthday handa" started with - chicken pork adobo, ensaladang mangga, black sotangon - it had pusit that's why! and this ginisang beans concoction my officemate made - of course I veered away from that haha...

We had some shuteye afterwards... sorry buhay baboy! Before we formally started the activity at around 3pm (?) I forgot haha....

Learned alot about our little secrets, quirks, attitudes, habits and perceptions of each other and of our group as a whole.

Every team in the work place should really have their own teambuilding activity...

It helps! Really!

to view more of the photos above click here


Welcoming my Birthday on Sunday

We finished our teambuilding acitivty after a full and delicious dinner of - inihaw na liempo, bangus and sinigang na baboy! gosh!...and had a short countdown to my birthday...

We just had a few snacks and few bottles of light beer and killing the time till midnight, watching my officemate Melai sing this videoke version of - yup! the now infamous - Careless Whisper!... then huwat?!?! 2:37 into the video it said HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIT! and there were my baby photos splashed on the screen... OMG! a conspiracy of my officemates for my birthday! then behind me... Emma brings out this cake with a lone candle...with Happy Birthday Ms. Kit simply written on they sang to me...

Nice! So nice of them to do that for me

(now I know why they kept me out of the kitchen )

To view the photoslide they made for me click here


Had to wake up early on my birthday and take a shot of myself at 30

Next up for my birthday is an early morning trek down the mountainside to the small falls...which we still don't know what the locals call haha...

We were able to trek down to the falls in roughly 10 minutes? Had to drench ourselves in the freezing cold water and of course more photo was super miss doing such strenuous activities...I think I lost lots of pounds tho I gained it back by now haha

What a good way to start off my birthday huh! communing with nature

to see more of the photos above click here


I had another surprise from my officemates when we got back as we got ready to go hom, they had this small goblet and red wine for me...had a few sip on our way home...blech! sorry I really don't like wine that much...but hey! this was an occasion for it only turn 30 once haha...

So yup I was utterly surprised that I did enjoy my birthday weekend...I felt grateful and well loved...awwwwww