Monday, June 1, 2009

my 30th birthday weekend

Alright I admit it! Am old...I feel old...but I don't think or feel old that much most of the time so most of the time I just ignore the numbers and the years...

So you can just imagine, I really wasn't expecting much for my birthday this year... Aside from having our offcie teambuilding activity scheduled for that weekend... I knew that it would just be any other ordinary day as usual haha...

But well I tried and celebrated it just the same...and was utterly surprised to discover that I enjoyed my birthday!


Watching a Gig on a Friday

For the past 2 years, I've celebrated my birthday by watching a gig of Sitti - the first was her show in Mandarin which feel on the day after my bday, last year was a week after my bday at 19East...nice to celebrate my bday watching my fave artist

Unfortunately for this year, she had no show scheduled for my birthday and since I wanted to spend my day watching a gig...I checked out the gig guide of 19East and yey! May 22 had Itchyworms, Julianne and Silent Sanctuary...

I penciled that in... Asked a few of my gig buddies if they wanted to join me - mJ, Patch and Joy did - and headed off to spend a - maybe last gimik night before school starts waaaaa! - music apreciation lessons @ 19East

with mJ

and Patch

and Joy!

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Teambuilding on a Saturday

Had a late gimmick the night before and yet I was still up and about early the next day for our Teambuilding Activity. We were headed of too Talisay, Batangas, that's where our school president has their family rest house... and she had it made in a way that it can also accommodate seminars and such so it had its own pavillon for activities and small huts with rooms for guests.

We arrived at around 10am, we had - well they had to cook our lunch - we went to the market in Mahogany before that...we really had to fend for ourself so to speak since the owners were not around and there were only caretakers around...

We had to forego our planned trek to the falls that morning since they had to cook lunch... and our host arrived to check up on us too for a short time and left after an hour or two...

My "birthday handa" started with - chicken pork adobo, ensaladang mangga, black sotangon - it had pusit that's why! and this ginisang beans concoction my officemate made - of course I veered away from that haha...

We had some shuteye afterwards... sorry buhay baboy! Before we formally started the activity at around 3pm (?) I forgot haha....

Learned alot about our little secrets, quirks, attitudes, habits and perceptions of each other and of our group as a whole.

Every team in the work place should really have their own teambuilding activity...

It helps! Really!

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Welcoming my Birthday on Sunday

We finished our teambuilding acitivty after a full and delicious dinner of - inihaw na liempo, bangus and sinigang na baboy! gosh!...and had a short countdown to my birthday...

We just had a few snacks and few bottles of light beer and killing the time till midnight, watching my officemate Melai sing this videoke version of - yup! the now infamous - Careless Whisper!... then huwat?!?! 2:37 into the video it said HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIT! and there were my baby photos splashed on the screen... OMG! a conspiracy of my officemates for my birthday! then behind me... Emma brings out this cake with a lone candle...with Happy Birthday Ms. Kit simply written on they sang to me...

Nice! So nice of them to do that for me

(now I know why they kept me out of the kitchen )

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Had to wake up early on my birthday and take a shot of myself at 30

Next up for my birthday is an early morning trek down the mountainside to the small falls...which we still don't know what the locals call haha...

We were able to trek down to the falls in roughly 10 minutes? Had to drench ourselves in the freezing cold water and of course more photo was super miss doing such strenuous activities...I think I lost lots of pounds tho I gained it back by now haha

What a good way to start off my birthday huh! communing with nature

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I had another surprise from my officemates when we got back as we got ready to go hom, they had this small goblet and red wine for me...had a few sip on our way home...blech! sorry I really don't like wine that much...but hey! this was an occasion for it only turn 30 once haha...

So yup I was utterly surprised that I did enjoy my birthday weekend...I felt grateful and well loved...awwwwww

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